This nugget of 2016 Campaign Intelligence from Patrick Caldwell at Mother Jones tells us that the race is getting serious: The Republicans have deployed their first Furry against the still-not-official campaign of Hillary Clinton. Named “HRC Squirrel,” the mascot tells you at a glance everything you need to know about the threat Hillz poses to […]

Hey, don’t forget: we’re not just electing a president today! We’re also electing a bunch of senators, many of whom have strong opinions about ladies who get raped, and some losers in the House too, ugh, who has time for those people, and, if we’re in Maryland, Maine, Washington State, or Minnesota, we also get […]

Well, Newt Gingrich has at last achieved his lifelong goal of conquering the void of empty space. Just look at him out there, the brave emperor of a vast, dark and lonely realm surrounded by his only true companions, some insane person in a scary-looking costume and an elephant. We just knew you could do […]

Only one more day until CPAC, and the Revolution! Your Wonkette is pissing its pants just looking at the bill of events and all the exciting opportunities to learn about how dumb liberals are. Why does the bathroom have to be so far away, anyway? Nevermind. Let’s just figure out which of these panel thingies/cocktail […]

For a brief moment of Internet Time, everybody on the Internet loved the NMA wacky Taiwanese animated YouTube versions of the latest U.S. political scandals. And then, like everything, these videos (and the whole concept) got old. In desperation, NMA began featuring an alive hot Hipster Asian Girl to do introductions for the cartoons, and […]

Well, that was fast! Furry sex aficionado Rep. David Wu announced he will resign after the debt crisis negotiations are over (hahaha, so actually he means “never”) because of this sexytime incident with the 18-year-old daughter of his high school classmate that we heard about only a few days ago. Hooray, Congress is down another […]

Who wants to hear about boring old “debt ceiling” issues such as old people being pushed into landfills because of no more money? What America needs is a Way To Laugh Again, and it got that bouquet of clown farts Sunday night as Madame Ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for an official inquisition against Oregon’s best-loved […]

In a related story, now that our long national birth-certificate nightmare is over, is everyone going to have sex and make babies in the midst of all this excitement? LOOK AT THE BIRTH RATES IN NINE MONTHS. AND ALSO CHECK TO SEE IF A BULL GIVES BIRTH TO A HALF RAHM. [30FPS]

Congressman David Wu of Oregon did some interesting things right before his re-election in last year’s midterm elections. He allegedly wandered around Oregon like an insane person, for one. Also, it appears he sent his staff e-mails like an insane person, along with photos of him dressing up like some kind of tiger furry. Wow! […]

When Juan Williams was fired for talking about being nervous around Muslims, Republicans apparently found an opening to defund public broadcasting, which should be used to inform America about Sharia law and to prop up Tucker Carlson’s career, not be a place for facts and such. To fight back, Democratic Reps. Ed Markey and Earl […]

Would you look at that, it’s time for Halloween. Perhaps you are putting the finishing touches on your Sexy Sarah Palin/Tina Fey Costume, or is that not *in* this year? So maybe you’re going to dress up as the BP Oil Spill? Or a failed mortgage? Or maybe you’ve chosen some other semi-political witty Concept, […]

Kids, do you like the journalism? Of course not. You don’t even know what it is. But if you did, you might think it’s a respectable way to make a living. You would, of course, be wrong about that, too. Consider poor little rich boy Anderson Cooper, who actually worked hard for many years as […]

Carl Paladino likes to point to his gay nephew, Jeff Hannon, as evidence that he’s no homophobe. That’s funny, because Jeff Hannon seems to think Carl Paladino is a homophobe, as the 23-year-old has stopped showing up to work at the Paladino campaign. This is according to the New York Post, which also wants you […]

Here it is, like we said: Penguins didn’t always boast tuxedo-like black-and-white markings, according to a new study. The discovery of the first ancient penguin fossil with evidence of feathers reveals the aquatic birds were once reddish-brown and gray. The 36 million-year-old fossil represents one of the largest ancient penguins ever found. The bird would […]

Get it? “Mama grizzlies”? You get it. Real women voters get dressed up in animal costumes and makeup and have sex with each other. Ooooooooh! Sarah Palin is gonna be so mad that you said she doesn’t speak for lesbian furries!