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It had been a while since we heard from our old friend, union thug speed bag Steven Crowder, which was just fine with yr Wonkette. A mommyblog of our delicate constitution can only listen to so many Ashley Judd rape jokes or complaints about how trans people will destroy the integrity of the honorable sport […]

Watch this video! It is our First Lady Michelle Obama and what appears to be the mom who was way too involved at your middle school/Jimmy Fallon, doing a silly dance! It is the combined birthday wish of both your Editrix Rebecca and FLOTUS Correspondent Blair that you watch this video and do not think […]

Ever wondered what fairest Cally Gingrich wakes up to every morning? Most mornings? (The occasional morning?) No, you haven’t. But in any event, it’s this face, right here. This is Newt Gingrich, asleep, muttering nonsense about Leon Panetta, while waiting to speak to AIPAC via satellite. But really, him being asleep before the speech — […]

Here is a political campaign ad that perfectly illustrates why it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between high-concept video art and complete crap, and why they are sometimes (usually) the same thing. WHUT, dear Vishnu, is any of this? Whatever it is, we like it. It’s equal parts D+ horror movie trailer, Taiwanese […]

There is that saying, about imitation and flattery and whatever, but all we know is that here is another insane campaign commercial starring a bunch of demon creatures, not unlike the beloved Demon Sheep of Carly Fiorina, circa 2010. This strange video does not really come close to being that terrifying, but it is still […]

A 21-year-old man from Muskegon, Michigan, who, like every young person in Michigan, is unable to find work, decided to spend his spare time making a comedy YouTube video. He filmed himself singing regular, kid-geared songs to a group of children and then recut it so it looked like he was singing them a dirty […]

The New York Times cheerily announced the death of all our hopes and dreams today by announcing that Alvin Greene “is now out with his first campaign video.” Perhaps leaving his home and talking with voters in person could be forgiven by his superiors at the Daoist monastery, but surely producing a slick hip-hop video […]

More proof that Wonkette readers are the best and most attractive readers on the whole Internets! A casual mention that we aren’t up on any of the hilarious goings-on in today’s Georgia primary immediately gets us a tip from hero commenter TJBeck that we should take a good, hard look at one “Jody Hice.” Just […]

This is so great, so inspiring. In fact, we’re going into the studio today with Thievery Corporation and Kermit the Frog, who will stay up all night snorting Adderall and reading YouTube comments about FEMA death camps over a chill kind of trip-hop thing. And for the end? Let’s computer animate a motherfucking robot horse! […]

The greatest political satire of the decade — this funny animated movie about the Politico — appeared yesterday on some Web 2.6 internet website we’d never heard of before. So, being Washington journalists who WIN THE MOTHERFUCKING MORNING, we tracked down the writer and director, a “Peter Smith,” if that is his real name. And […]

Here is a clip of what one flustered CNN anchor calls “two guys pretending to console each other” after yesterday’s carnage on Wall Street. (SHHH DON’T TELL ANYONE IT IS SOME SORT OF HOWARD STERN PRANK.) After the jump, Hurricane Ike comes to town … in a bear suit.

Oh, this is just delightful. [BBC World News via Live Leak]

Hey remember this guy? He likes to dance and haul brush, and sometimes he plays basketball with Irish youngsters. We will miss you, President Doofus, and your rad jump shot. [YouTube]

Sure, Hillary Clinton always refuses to discuss hypotheticals. But what if, hypothetically speaking, she were to kiss Barack Obama in the French style onstage during a debate, in front of Wolf Blitzer and millions of television viewers? Would that be awesome, or the opposite of awesome? Fortunately, Video Science has the answer! This brought to […]