funny or die

Oh, look! Patronizing scold Dinesh D’Souza has branched out from just yammering about how Barack Hussein Obama is the worst, most un-American president ever, and now he’s made a video parody of that “Between All the Ferns On Zack Galifianakis’s Lap” video that Barry was in. And he sure hopes it goes viral! It’s full […]

Stephen Colbert has the skinny on Barack Obama’s presidency-destroying interview with Zach Galifianakis, which “set off a firestorm everywhere, from Fox News to later in the day on Fox News.” The montage of clips from Fox explaining how the short video mortally wounded the President’s dignity is worth the price of admission all by itself. […]

It looks like the consensus is in: Barack Obama must resign or be impeached because he was in a six minute comedy video. The presidency is obviously damaged beyond repair. And now we can add Lincoln Authority Bill O’Reilly to the list of astute scholars of What A President Mayst Do. On his Tuesday program, […]

Here is a funny “video” of Zach Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns interviewing one B. Barack Obama that you have probably already seen, because you probably did not sleep in until seven a.m. Pacific like some kind of slob jerk who sleeps in all day and then does something else slobby and jerky, we do […]

And how do we know, for sure, that this video is satirical in nature? Maybe that “Funny or Die” website just spent all weekend searching the YouTubes for the most insane example of current Birther pop art. Hell, it’s how we find the comedy! [Funny or Die]

We’re not sure if this is funny or not — no, actually, we are sure it’s not funny, at all, but it is puerile and dumb and basically nobody knows how to act like an adult. (HINT: You walk over to the kid with the fart machine and beat the shit out of him.) [Funny […]

We have no idea who the people behind “Funny or Die” are… but apparently they are very well connected in Hollywood and Washington? This thing has its moments, such as Mike Gravel quietly reading the Pentagon Papers and Madame Peggington Noonanshire simply showing her Shining face. [via Fishbowl DC]

We don’t really talk about the “comedy” around here because, come on, we are already writing about Sarah Palin every day, for real. But this is kind of cute. This Hayden Panettiere was in D.C. earlier this year, saving the whales. Now she is just cold hatin’ on the old crazy person who wants to […]