funny jokes

You guys! Peggy Noonan wrote a very, very persuasive column that plays a funny “trick” on the reader! See if you can guess where she is heading with this! Just guess! It is astonishing and cannot go unremarked that Mississippi’s Gov. Frank “Boo” Burnham, the conservative who won a 2011 landslide, gave an interview Friday […]

A Houston man with no sense of humor is suing his former employer, a car dealership co-owned by Texas State Rep. Patricia Harless, after coworkers attacked him with a stun gun in what the coworkers were certain was a series of hilarious pranks. Bradley Jones says that over a nine month period, fellow employees at […]

Yesterday the Internet had such fun with the piling-on of Poor Ben Shapiro’s “Friends of Hamas” journabacle, and his subsequent feverish quadrupling-down. It was such fun that even Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s goosesteppers-in-arms, Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, got in on the action this morning. And — we shit you not — they were kind of FUNNY? […]

We don’t know if you have heard, but Michelle Obama IS BLACK, YOU GUYS, GROSS. That was the punchline of the hilarious joke that tickled the earholes of all the attendees at the Creston Classic Rodeo, in the golden hills outside Paso Robles, in California’s inner Kentucky. [T]he joke as told by the announcer, went […]

Here is the funniest joke you will ever hear, falling from the nicotine-stained teeth of a southern belle: “Pretend it’s Obama!” It’s funny, you see, because Rick Santorum is shooting a gun! As her friends laugh and laugh at her witticism (which Santorum didn’t hear, obvs, he is wearing headphones), she indulges in a few […]

We’re not sure what “dictionary” Miz Paula Smith of Hinesville, Georgia, “reads,” but she clearly has Knowledge on her side when she says the n-word “is not racist.” Roger Friedman of Forbes got Miz Smith on the tallyphone to ask her why her company, Stickatude, has been selling some perhaps-inelegant bumper stickers that have doubtless […]

Barack Obama missed out on the much-ballyhooed Gridiron Dinner this weekend, an event in which journalists and politicians sit around very expensive tables with long white linen tablecloths and quietly give each other handjobs. Instead the president stayed at Camp David with his family, blah. Fortunately, Joe Biden attended the dinner and brought home the […]

John McCain enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a charismatic, maverick jokester with a devastating wit. Plus, he likes Ernest Hemingway, so he knows good writin’! So it’s no surprise that, a minute and a half into an interview with Brian Williams, he would bust out with a fantastic bit of silver tonguery about Barack Obama […]