fringe candidates

Now with Important Update! Drudge Sirens! See End of Post! We thought that nothing could make us happier than the news that Victoria Jackson was running for local office in Tennessee. But now we see that Birth Certificate Goddess Orly Taitz, DDSquire, has filed to run for Attorney General of California. We don’t know what […]

So here we are, not quite to the end of the first month of Election Year 2014, and already some of the fine crop of fringe candidates have been felled or gravely sent to the Mockatorium by their own stoopid mouths. Let’s take a quick look at some of the folks who have either dropped […]

Your Comics Curmudgeon just returned from standing in a mildly long line in the moderately cold weather, to vote, so he is basically history’s greatest hero for democracy. Though ultimately another vote for Barry Soetero was saved onto an inscrutable smartcard that will presumably be thrown directly in the garbage, a last-minute once-over of the […]

Americans tend to assume that the president of the United States knows more about policy than the average costumed Chuck E. Cheese character, but according to huggable “pizza magnate” Herman Cain, that is not so. “I try to be nice. This president, I don’t think, can discuss any of the things that he says in […]