A former principal at a Lafayette, Colorado, charter school says she was fired for interfering with a perfectly reasonable procedure for identifying kids whose lunch accounts no longer had any money in them — the cafeteria workers would stamp their hands so that everyone could see. The policy was also applied to kids who qualified […]

Happy Columbus Day, Merkins! Are you so grateful to be a citizen of the US-of-A on this, the day we commemorate how we came over and righteously kicked some Injun ass? How about if you knew we had given our righteous ass-kickings so terrible man-children could live in their parents’ garage apartments, decline full time […]

Who got all the Pulitzer Prizes for Investigative Reporting before John Stossel came along to show us all how it is done? Did they even have Pulitzers back then, and if so, why did they bother? Here, Stossel, in the greatest undercover gig of all time — like Serpico times Mel Gibson’s Mr. Cool Disguise […]