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Tim Allen And Adam Carolla To Produce Searing Documentary About Their Own Irrelevance In Modern America

It is a sad and tragic tale about how unfair it is that college students don't think they're funny anymore.

Karen Handel Sucks. Wonkagenda For Tues., June 20, 2017

Dem's are talking until they're blue in the face, Karen Handel is a very bad person, and Pharma-Bro is back! Your morning news brief!

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Proves He Is Fascist, Sh*thead, Shouldn’t Be In Charge Of A Rest Stop Bathroom

David Clarke has 'thoughts' on the Muslim Ban protest. Also, is the White House still defying all those judges? It turns out: yes!
Sorry not sorry, Kentucky

Jesus-Loving Calligraphy Bigots Ordered To Make Wedding Invitations For Gross Gaywads

This is just like getting eated by lions probably.

What Are Fox News Patriots Saying About Terrible, Horrible America-Hater Colin Kaepernick?

Did you hear Kaepernick is a secret Islamic? Sean Hannity did!

Gawker Suer/Trumpkin/Libertarian Peter Thiel Is Kindest, Warmest, Most Wonderful Human Be

You know how Libertarians "love" freedom of speech and of the press and of religion and of the right to assemble and of the right to keep their homes free from quartering troops against their will? And you know...

Emory University Kids Very Certain Donald Trump Is Unperson, Double-Plus Ungood

Quick, kids, go to your safe space and hold on to your Trigger Warning, because a bad thing happened on the way to democracy: someone at Emory University in Atlanta chalked the words "Trump 2016" onto a sidewalk. Are students...
Trust us, you'd rather see these cows than the real ones

Horrible Bad Factory Farmers Can’t Put You In Jail For Exposing Them No More!

For all of the whining about Free Speech being destroyed by TV networks that fire bigots or by mean blog moderators who don't let jerk-babies ruin their comments sections, sometimes governments pass terrible laws that are actual violations of...
Let's get both these kids in the next Wes Anderson movie

Saturday Night Live Discriminated All Over Victoria Jackson’s Free Gay-Hating Speech

Like many Americans who now regret it, we watched the great big Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary program Sunday, and we kept looking over at our 17-year-old son and explaining that the show didn't so much suck as that...
dear leader plz don't steal our emails

Hollywood Surrenders To North Korean Nerd Squad

The power drunk, sadistic, and unstable Dictator for Life of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un -- who executed a dozen members of his own family to consolidate power, starves his own people while pumping them full of propaganda, and is...

Michelle Obama Is Turning Your Children Into Thought Police :(

Jesus, Michelle Obama, could you stop oppressing America for even one second? First there were your terrible lies about how "poor black schools are not as good for their students as rich white schools" what are obviously lies, because...

Pennsylvania Rep Shuts Gay Democrat’s Mouth For Him

Sup Pennsylvania? Oh, you were just there in your legislature, having your regular old "let's all get up and jaw about something," like US House members get to do for the CSPAN cameras when everyone else has gone home...

Fox News Victim Of Obama Campaign To Destroy Fox News, Says Fox News

Help, help, Fox News is bein' repressed. Fox's token liberal Kirsten Powers has composed a magnificent cri de butthurt about President Obama's relentless campaign to destroy "the one television news outlet in America that won’t fall in line and...

Known Black Person Colin Powell Simply Does Not Care For Sarah Palin Being A Balls-Out Racist

Hey, Colin Powell, you are a black Republican. What do you think of people in your party who are constantly not being racist with their watermelon emails and their funny nose-bone witch-doctor shirts? Oh, you are against it? Perhaps...

Anger Bear Obama Body Slams Romney In Brutal Mexican Takedown

ZOMG you guys, brutal dictator Barack Obama said in his usual sober and almost somnolent tones that he would advise Mitt Romney, whose "advisor" wrote some shirty thing for a German newspaper about how Obama is a big dummkopf...