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Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz, who does both political cartoons and the LA Cucaracha comic strip, has incurred the wrath of Xavier Hermosillo, the Public Relations schmuck for the City of Murrieta, who knows that the Constitution protects free speech, but not for people who say mean things. You see, Alcaraz has been tweeting with the hashtag […]

Let’s keep shoveling out the comments queue — as we’ve mentioned, we have a whole bunch of … matter piling up in there, and we’re going to have to work hard to clean this mess out. Today, we’ll hear from some patriots who have had it with the Obama administration’s craven support for our enemies […]

Let’s get you set up with some Happy Nice Time links this afternoon. Why not honor Joan of Arc and commemorate the Battle of the Herrings by making yourself this delicious herring sandwich? You want film stuff? We got film stuff! The Coppola family talent must be getting diluted as it travels down the generations, […]

Over in our Wonket Sekrit Chatcave, a debate is raging as to whether or not this dumbass article on Thought Catalog is satire or unvarnished dumbass or some combination thereof? We’re not sure, but let’s get to mocking this guy who thinks (?) free speech is threatened by muting someone on Twitter. Yes, you might […]

A Florida prosecutor just wanted to send a positive message to women on Mother’s Day, but for some reason, a lot of people seem not to recognize his inspirational intentions. Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis posted this little ray of sunshine to his Facebook account on May 11: Honestly, it’s like people go out of […]

We learn all sorts of interesting things by reading Dead Breitbart’s Newshole for Scabies-Blighted Ragemonkeys, like for instance that minor congressional candidate and former American Idolater Clay Aiken is liberals’ “favorite congressional candidate in North Carolina,” which we have to admit is a pretty small population to start with. Breitbart horcrux John Nolte advises us […]

Here’s a heck of a thing: our comments queue overfloweth! We have been blessed with any number of very important comments from very serious people who are going to set us straight on a few things. For instance, there’s “fedupw_libs,” who took issue with our recent piece about how HGTV sent the anti-gay Benham brothers […]

Friends, Romans, idiots, gather ye round and hear the tragic tale of the First Amendment and how it murdered John Boehner’s Tea Party opponent, one J.D. Winterbottom, and how he is being persecuted to the fullest extent of the law by getting fired from his job for the crime of Thought. Where is Ben Shapiro […]

Another day, another Whiny Christian Kids Wear Anti-Gay Shirts To School story. Seriously, we’re going to come up with a way to just insert the name of the school and the date so we can automate this stuff. This week, it’s Oregon City High School, where some big baby just couldn’t stand the fact that […]

Earlier this year, Tennessee faced the terrifying possibility that workers at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga might vote to unionize. And while the UAW ultimately lost the election, the wise Republicans who control the Tennessee House of Representatives know that the state needs to be vigilant. So they introduced a bill to outlaw “mass picketing” […]

Earlier today we brought you the story of a Wisconsin professor whose life was made somewhat hellish because she sent an email saying that the tea party shut down the government last fall. Well we would like you to know that there are martyrs to free speech on both sides! Take the case of Randall […]

Minor-league wingnut preacher Rick Scarborough*, who dreams of suing the gays away, is very disappointed to report that not everyone in Christian America is quite so het up about the gays as he is. In a “Tea Party Unity” webcast last week, Scarborough lamented to Don Feder of the “World Congress of Families” (where do […]

It feels wrong to just go about our usual business of making dick jokes about politics without acknowledging that the governments of Venezuela and Ukraine are murdering peaceful protesters by the dozens. We won’t pretend to have any special insight into either conflict. Maybe an appropriate thing to do is to be self-absorbed Americans and be thankful for […]

Somewhere in America, there are people who still think that Jesse Ventura, who was actually elected by the people of Minnesota to act as their governor once, has important contributions to make to The National Discourse. Then again, somewhere in America, there are also people who write Small Wonder fanfiction. No, we do not want […]

Hello there, Rhode Island General Assembly! Do you have any stories of Great Butthurt to share with us? Oh, you do! Here is a story of hurt feelings and “cyber harassment” that isn’t really much in the way of harassment, and of the American Civil Liberties Union explaining to the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office […]