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Wednesday, March 11: In honor of the upcoming National Cherry Blossom festival, Washington Life magazine is throwing the annual Pink Tie Cocktail Party, which means not only will you be emasculated for wearing a pink tie, you will feel personally humiliated at your own Poorness when you find out that the tickets are $150. But! […]

Thursday, Feb. 12: DC Vegan is hosting an event at the Science Club to connect with vegans in the community. You don’t have to be a vegan to go, but, as their website says, you should have an interest in “animal rights” and “a little after-work fun.” Cash bar, 7PM. [DC Vegan Drinks]

Krispy Kreme wants to help you celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration by giving you a donut! Obviously this is a metaphor for abortion. Read their shocking press release after the jump.

DENNIS KUCINICH  6:36 pm July 19, 2007

Patronize an Intern

by Alex Pareene