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GOP pollster Frank Luntz is the kind of hired gun political hack who can, with a straight face, say stuff like: “To be ‘Orwellian’ is to speak with absolute clarity, to be succinct, to explain what the event is, to talk about what triggers something happening… and to do so without any pejorative whatsoever.” This […]

What a sad time it is to be wingnut muppet Frank Luntz. It seems that all these years of soaking in the corrosive environment of national politics have left the communications genius adrift in an existential midlife crisis. While most of us would deal with such a crisis by crying to our therapists or getting […]

Look, Democrats have a lot going for them right now. There’s our “flashy” President B. Barry Bamz and his healthcare law that can’t possibly be as bad as Republicans have spent the last half a decade derping that it will be, so expectations managed there; the country’s suddenly a lot cooler with gay folks, pot […]

Frank Luntz, a man so morally upright he once took money in exchange for helping Pat Buchanan attempt to get elected president, has made his bones by studying the ways language can be used to generate emotional responses with voters, and then providing politicians with specific words and communication strategies “that will help his clients […]

And they say Christmas comes but once a year. Is this is a stopped-clock-is-right-twice-a-day thing though? Possibly! Also it is a no-brainer, but still, we agree with Frank Luntz about something so we will note it because this is significant due to the fact of it never happening, really. The video starts with the CBS […]

Fox News once again hired ruddy shitmonster Frank Luntz to convene a panel of undecided voters who watch Fox News (read: Romney voters who want to be on Fox News). There is video (as the kids are saying, “after the fold”). Fox Nation describes this as “Luntz Focus Group Erupts Into Near Brawl,” but it […]

Hey, here’s a strategy that’s high on wow-factor but lacking in any sort of long-term sustainability: wrapping oneself in the flag to give authenticity to the demonization of gays, the war on caterpillars women, the alienation of Latino/as, the disenfranchisement of African Americans, and the refusal to raise taxes on anyone, ever, in spite of […]

Who among you supposed — nay, dreamed — way back in 2008 that Karl Rove, having completed his task of gifting George W. Bush to America, would take his balls and go home and stop messing around with democracy? Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but not only does he have […]

Say what you want about National Socialism, at least it’s a fucking ethos. It’s also — have you heard the newest Frank Luntzian reframing? — a civil rights group. Fox affiliate WOFL in Florida had a piece on the National Socialist Party coming to Sanford to patrol the town and make sure no white folks […]

Before we turned off the teevee after that terrible debate last night, the Republican Party’s appointed Divider, Frank Luntz, was doing what he always does, standing in front of the whitest people he could find in a few hours, asking them questions to find out how best to make people like this think their political […]

There are some things Frank Luntz and Fox News would rather not say explicitly out loud if they don’t have to. Luckily, they have Republican voters to back them up and make the insane connections they merely insinuate. Who here thinks Obama is a Muslim and that is why he is letting Egypt become a […]

Has the hilariously factless trope-goblin Chuck Lane, Washington Post editorial board member and off-and-on columnist, not yet been cemented as a Wonkette Character yet? Guy’s been on a tear! Here’s the deal: Chuck Lane is a Very Serious Centrist who sneers at the far-left legislative agenda of Barack Obama and is very concerned about the […]

DC’s socialist bicycle share klub thing is expanding! From 10 racks of bicycles that seem both appealing and logistically problematic to 50 racks of bicycles that seem both appealing and logistically problematic. [WTOP]

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Gossip Roundup: If Ford Did It…

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