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Donald Trump Laughing About Climate Change Again Because Fuck Puerto Rico, Right?

If he hasn't learned science in 71 years, he won't learn it now.

Pence Scribbling ‘President’ All Over His Notebook. Wonkagenda for Tues., Aug. 8, 2017

Republicans are writing love letters (and checks) to Mike Pence, the CIA won't drink Trump's Kool-Aid, businesses sour on Trump. Your morning news brief!

Heroic Trump To Rescue Middle Class And Farmers From Estate Tax They Don’t Pay

Rich bastards, be glad: Donald Trump has your back.

Your Weekly Top Ten Is Pretty Much About Badass Congress Ladies, Being Badass!


Guys? Shut The Fuck Up About Nancy Pelosi

Experienced and un-sexist Democrats would like to blame Nancy Pelosi for all their butthurts. Wonkette calls bullshit.

Frank Luntz Could Be Dumbest Fuck On Earth If He Applied Himself

Frank Luntz has thoughts about the GA-06 special election. They are very bad thoughts.

Your Weekly Top Ten Can’t Stop Laughing At Sad Numbnuts James O’Keefe


Who Wants To Watch Frank Luntz’s Trump-Hatin’ Focus Group LOSE ITS SHIT? (ME! ME! I DO!)

Be like this awesome focus group, and #RESIST!

Donald Trump Would Rather Fly Around In His Solid Gold Jet Than In Air Force One, Which Has Black All Over It

Donald Trump is Tweeting about airplanes. Why the hell is Donald Trump tweeting about airplanes?

Gov. Nikki Haley Wishes Donald Trump Wouldn’t Act So Ugly To The Minorities, Bless His Heart

She doesn't think Trump or his supporters are actually racist or anything, heck no, why would you say that?

Fox News Focus Group So Mad They Can’t Do Racism In Public Any More

Shocking news: Republican primary voters are secretly (OK, not-so-secretly) incredibly racist! We're shocked! Are you shocked?! OK, we're not that shocked. You probably forgot about Sausage Golem Frank Luntz and his long, storied career of making shit up for GOP...

Archbishop Steve King Lectures Pope On How To Catholic Good

Iowa congressmelon Steve King is a Catholic, and as a concerned member of the most strictly hierarchical religious institution on the planet, he'd like to take the opportunity to set Pope Francis straight about a few points of Catholic...

Republicans Plotting To Take Away Your Freedom To Make America Great Again

Everyone knows the Demoncrat Party is the party of Latino vote frauding and election rigging -- usually with mind control. So here's a neat twist! This time, it's Republicans who want to rig the next election in a certain...

Donald Trump Already President Of All You Overrated Losers

So that "debate" thingie last night, you saw it, yes? Where nine of America's biggest losers pulled out their gruesome dick junk and showed it to Fox News's Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier on live television, but nobody was...
Who ya got?

Donald Trump YOOOOGE Fan Of God And Those Little Jesus Crackers

We have been so busy LOLing and WTFing over Donald Trump's attack on John McCain for being a fake war hero, with his weak-assed POWing, because Trump "like people that weren’t captured," that we almost forgot to tell you...
Just put a Band-Aid on it, don't be so weak and unprofessional.

Donald Trump Can’t Believe People Don’t Like His Straight Talk On Loser POWs

Just in case you hadn't heard about Donald Trump's very special weekend shitshow, he had a terrible horrible no-good very bad Saturday at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, where he made the mistake of talking smack about...