Why is Rick Santorum still talking, and more importantly, why is anyone still interested in hearing him talk, given that he holds no office and everyone wishes he’d go away? Your Wonkette does not have the answer to these questions, but we DO have a video of him referring to any discussion of the middle […]

Al Gore, besides inventing the Internet and lying constantly about that thing he said that was 100 percent correct, is also responsible for other terrible crimes against humanity. Do you know what they are? They are taking facts, like that the sea levels are rising, and making them terrible words only liberals use. Yes, the […]

It must be hard to be Bristol Palin. First you barely escape your shotgun wedding to cool-guy sperm-trust Levi Johnston. Then you are forced to keep constantly being on terrible “reality television” programs. Then you must start a ghostwritten blog to yell at President Obama for not standing up for you against mean comedians, even […]

It’s a fine line between clever and stupid, and the poor dears of the GOP establishment are all in a tizzy trying to find it. Having somehow decided that their previous forays into women’s uteruses lacked a proper goose-stepping panache, and having also settled on calling 150 million Americans diseased whoring strumpets as their big […]