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Bill O'Reilly's in there too. AND former Sen. Scott Brown. AND Dean Cain. AND AND AND AND AND!

Finally, a Hillary 'scandal' that can be debunked in 5 seconds on late night TV!

Mike Pence is a very stupid man, but apparently even he can't buy Trump's claim that 95% of black voters will support him in 2020.


The Meghan McCain of 2016 is taking her toys and going home or something, GRRRRR SHE IS MAD.

It doesn't take much to send some conservatives into full Moral Panic mode.

Where does Hillary get off running for president, and where the hell does Obama get off supporting her? UNFAIR!

Shouldn't the vote just love Donald Trump tremendously and bigly, and come directly to him?

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How fundamentally stupid is Sean Hannity? LET'S WONKSPLORE!

Gross old Roger Ailes ran a dating service, only it was actually more like a spy ring. Our lack of surprise is palpable.

It was Roger Ailes, in the study, with his hamburger meatballs.

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We are just being silly, Obama is not old! But he does qualify for a bunch of good deals, and we think he'd be a fool to pass them up.

You get in here and read your newz breif, RIGHT NOW!

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