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Tag: fox & friends

Gretchen Carlson Gets $20 Million From Fox, Untold Number Of Silkwood Showers

That's only half of what Rupert Murdoch gave Ailes in his severance package, but LA LA LA GUESS THAT DOESN'T MATTER.

Fox ‘Doctor’ Keith Ablow: Trump Talking About His Dick On TV Proves He’s Super Sane

Keith Ablow's penetrating analysis of Donald Trump's heroic cocktalk will have you questioning everything you learned in Psych 101.

Your Weekly Top Ten Features Wonkette Baby Dressed Up As Firefighter, YOU CLICK NOW


Donald Trump’s Campaign Has Its ‘ALL OF THEM KATIE’ Moment, And It Is Glorious

More gotcha journalism from the lamestream media!

‘Fox & Friends’ Idiots Discover Wonderful New App That Says Donald Trump Already President

ELECTION OVER, EVERYONE. All hail President Trump!

Who Wants To Hear Some Of Roger Ailes’s Pickup Lines, They Are Classy As Balls

Last week, we heard that Fox's Gretchen Carlson got shitcanned from her post-"Fox & Friends" show, "Dumb Bullshit With Gretchen Carlson But I Will Talk About Commonsense Gun Control At Least Once And Then Get Fired A Week Later,"...

Fox’s Roger Ailes Did Not Rub His Pervy Sex Boner On Gretchen Carlson, Says Roger Ailes

Why are all these ladies lying about poor Roger Ailes?

Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson Allegedly Fired For Refusing To Bang Roger Ailes On His Penis

Carlson shockingly alleges in a lawsuit that Fox News is a really sexist, bad place for women. Who knew???

Fox News Dingbats Help Eric Trump Defend His Daddy’s Dumbass Brexit Comments

Can you believe the mean media made fun of Donald Trump for being on a golf course?
Can we agree that the baby being OK is a good thing? Maybe we can agree on that.

Shooting Of Gorilla At Cincinnati Zoo Prompts Humans To Fling Poop At Other Humans

A three-year-old boy fell into a gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo Saturday, and after a 400-pound male Western lowland silverback gorilla grabbed the child, zookeepers shot the endangered animal dead. The boy was rescued and reportedly unharmed. The...

Donald Trump And Paul Ryan, Will You Two Please Just Have Sex And Get It Over With?

There's a battle of halfwits going on right now, Donald Trump and the pinchable face cheeks of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Donald Trump Doesn’t Know If Ted Cruz’s Dry Drunk Dad Murdered JFK, But MAYBE!

Did you hear about the breaking news about how on top of how Ted Cruz is maybe the Zodiac Killer, his dry-drunk dad might have been Lee Harvey Oswald's fluffer when he murdered our beloved President John Fitzgerald Kennedy?...

Lying Liar Carly Fiorina Already Lying For ‘Running Mate’ Ted Cruz

Carly Fiorina is doing that thing again, the thing that always happens when she opens her mouth. Yes, she is lying! But what things is she saying so far, now that she is Ted Cruz's "running mate" who will...

‘Fox & Friends’ Jackholes Know Who Will Pick The Next President And It Is Jesus

One of the most comforting things about America is how multiple times every day, the various chicken-brained dickwhistles who work at Fox News will get on the TV and say something amazingly stupid for us to laugh at. This...

Fox News Morons So Scared Of Taking A Dump At Target

Have you all signed up to help the American Family Association boycott Target? It's the hottest thing right now! Over 500,000 people have signed a pledge saying that, due to how Target says it is okay for people to...

Trump-Supporting NYU Dudebro Super Terrified Of Mean Campus Liberals

a href="http://wonkette.com/549097/deleted-comments-of-the-day-let-a-wingnut-explain-free-speach-to-you-leftists"Fox & Friends brings us a shocking tale of Political Correctness Run Amok on our college campuses, in the form of an interview with an NYU engineering major (OF COURSE he's an engineering major!) who has had his...