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So earlier in the World Cup (sportsball! woo!) there was a girl that was apparently the most beautiful-est sportsball fan, and she got offered a hair modeling contract with L’Oreal. But then she posted a super cool photo on her Facebook account posing with a gazelle she had shot on a big game hunting trip. […]

Poor Fox Newsdouche Steve Doocy clearly didn’t prep his group of “Fox fans” well enough for this segment on Wednesday’s Fox & Friends. The point of the segment was to profess shock and horror at the “PC Police” at Illinois State University, which recently announced it would be re-designating “family restrooms” as “all-gender” restrooms, and […]

Remember Princeton Mom? We love the Princeton Mom, Susan Patton! She’s that delightfully deluded anger lady that shamesplained to all the women about how college is a time for meeting men, not for book learning, and how you should stop waiting for that promotion at work and start making eyes at your handsome man boss. […]

You guys, Fox News thinks that President Roosevelt screwed the pooch again. After yesterday’s amphibious landings in Normandy, the network grudgingly agreed that Allied troops had established a beachhead in France, but they were really not happy with how Our Boys pulled it off, insisting that the casualties were unacceptably high, speculating that “Two-Wheeler Delano” […]

Remember that old Steve Allen show, Meeting of Minds, where he’d put together a panel of actors playing great historical figures and have them “discuss” some important idea? You know, like Socrates and Marx and Thomas Paine talking about freedom or something? Looks like Fox News is trying to revive the concept, only they have […]

Oh, Fox News, we love your unpaid interns, or whoever types up the chyrons for your news segments. In a Fox & Friends story about new words being added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Elisabeth Hasselbeck (R-NotGretchen) some new Fox newsblonde whose name Mediaite didn’t mention told us that the latest edition of the dictionary was […]

Did you magically become a St. Louis Rams fan when Michael Sam joyfully kissed his cute boyfriend after Saturday’s draft? US TOO! Donald Trump and his fellow idiots at Fox & Friends, however, did not! The several kisses were closed-mouthed and respectable, because Michael Sam only gets naughty on video when there are gay lesbian […]

Dilemma: Fox and Friends would like science-type people like Michael Moyer, editor of Scientific American, to appear to talk about future science trends, but they do not believe climate change is a future trend. Solution: let Moyer come on, but ban him from talking about climate change, because he should really talk about jetpacks or […]

You guys, there is some serious UN-AMERICAN activity happening, and we bet you don’t know about it! According to Allen West on Fox & Friends, there is a secret Muslim plot in America to… wait for it… become politically organized in order to push for policies that are more friendly towards Muslims. Now is the […]

Roger Ailes, that jowly old leftover from the Cantina scene in Star Wars, turns out to be exactly the sort of high-minded gentleman that you might expect, assuming his mind is located a few inches south of his belt buckle. We have another batch of pre-release ugly bits from that new biography from Gabriel Sherman, […]

So you know how when nuns take they’re vows, they’re married to Jebus? Ann Coulter has figured out that it’s pretty much the same thing when single women want insurance to cover their Whore Pills, except they’re marrying the federal government. On a special Fox & Friends tribute to the Mad Hatter’s tea party Sunday, […]

Hi, ladies! Fox News brought its favorite “war on men” correspondent, Suzanne Venker, out of the locked room where they store her between guest appearances and let her do some concern-ranting about how women are ruining their lives by living them the way they want to, and not the way Suzanne Venker knows they should. […]

Here is Fox & Friends’ Heather Nauert on the teevee yesterday, explaining how “sharia law” is taking over, because a YMCA in Minneapolis-St. Paul is going to hold a girls-only swim class one hour a week, providing Somali refugee girls the chance to learn to swim. BUT! Since men won’t be allowed in the pool […]

Founding Mensa member and Fox & Friends cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck knows genius when she sees it. Where has Elisabeth Hasselbeck seen genius today? In “young invincibles” refusing to buy insurance! “You know who is playing it smart?” Hasselbeck began. “Young invincibles. The young set out there who are not buying into Obamacare because they’re seeing […]