Is there something stupid happening in the world? Fox News and “Dr.” Keith Ablow are ON IT. We first learned of the terrible horrible no good very bad tiny cartoon genitals of It’s Perfectly Normal from the perfectly normal Victoria Jackson. Then Ben Shapiro’s Internet Home for the Congenitally Encephalitic, TruthRevolt, got in on the […]

We are a little in love with this Chris Hayes clip for his earnest pissed-offedness at what 24-hour cable news can do with a story when the demand for information far outstrips the supply of actual new information. With Flight 370, there’s only so many times you can say, “Nope, still don’t know anything new.” […]

For some of us, Carl Sagan’s 1980 series Cosmos is an almost mythic memory — Kid Zoom knows that one sure way to get Dad all sentimental (and maybe even weepy) is to just queue up Vangelis’s theme music from the series. Those shots of Carl Sagan staring in pretended rapture at the viewscreen of […]

America, it turns out that in addition to knowing the mind of Vladimir Putin so well that she can predict his next move and only be off by five or six years, Sarah Palin also thinks that the big Russian dictator is packing a real wallop in his pants. Especially when compared to the President […]

President Barack H. Obama made a surprise appearance before the White House press corps today to address the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old black boy who may or may not have looked at him funny. For more than 17 minutes, he spoke without notes (transcript here), […]

What has two thumbs and hates job creators? Fox News’ Stuart Varney, that’s who! Here, let us watch him argue at a Patriotic Millionaire as he patiently tries to explain why taxing millionaires will help fix the deficit.

In Tuesday’s State of the Union address, President Obama pointed out that you can work for 40 hours a week at minimum wage and still live in squalid poverty, and suggested that we raise it from $7.25 to $9 per hour by 2015, and also index it to inflation. This, of course, is Communism! This […]

Ha ha ha, new Secretary of State John Kerry is going to focus on climate change, what a fag! Everyone knows that climate change is just a theory, duh, and for that matter, so is science! Do you have a scientist who can confirm that E = MC squared? Because we have TEN scientists who […]

Someone has an opinion about something, and that someone is still-undead former vice president/dark lord Dick Cheney, and that something is whether or not we should all have guns with which to shoot old men in the face.

Here is a really good illustration, from Fox “News,” featuring President Blackness with a gun pointed at his head. But what makes this Fox illustration of President Blackness with a gun pointed at his head the BEST illustration of President Blackness with a gun pointed at his head? Oh, do click through to find out!

“Blah blah blah Hitler or something executive orders are only okay if you are a Republican INPEACH,” says Jay Sekulow, who heads Pat Robertson’s pathetic conservative fake law outfit. But then Megyn Kelly does something weird: she is all “nuh uh.”

We don’t know how Eric Bolling, of Fox braintrust “The Five,” managed to talk about liberal indoctrination with math without even bothering to note that algebra was invented by A-RABS and is a Mooslem plot. But at least he is on the case of the Marxists at Scholastic teaching the distributive property with a worksheet […]

We’ve secretly replaced the video of golden succubus Laura Ingraham, passing on some gossip, with the Circle Jerks classic Coup D’Etat. (Don’t worry you are not missing anything. We will tell you what she said.)

Remember that awesome video of stereotypical union thug cold wailing on stereotypical Fox News douche Steven Crowder at the Michigan anti-”Right to Work” rally this week? Of course you do, it’s embedded above. Probably you watched it and were like: “I shouldn’t be laughing at this because I’m a hippy Wonketteer librul who knows violence […]

First Suzanne Venker, Phyllis Schlafly’s niece, wrote a very nice “think piece” for Fox News that was only trying to explain to women for their own good that the way they were comporting themselves (like men’s equals) was making men not want to marry them, because they (women) are angry hairy mannish whores. This made […]