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Paul Manafort’s Lawyers Throwing Fresh New Shits At Wall Again

Time for another episode of Paul Manafort's Lawyers Delay The Inevitable!

Fuck Your Thoughts And Prayers, Joe Barton!

Five Dollar Feminist is MAD ABOUT A THING.

It’s Getting Hot In Herre! (Don’t Take Off All Your Clothes.) Wonkagenda For Wed., Jan 10, 2018

Trump-Russia gets WEIRDER, North Carolina is gerrymandered AF, and Ryan Zinke decides not to screw Florida with big, fat, oil rigs. Your morning news brief.

South Dakota Forcibly Jamming Catheters Up Children’s Pee-Pees, To Protect The Children

How does South Dakota protect kids? By holding them down and jamming a catheter in them, OF COURSE!

Baltimore To Jeff Sessions: Fuuuuuuuuck Yooooooouuuuu!

How much does Baltimore hate Jeff Sessions? A LOT. A WHOLE LOT.
Yep, she's worried. Look at the fear in her eyes.

Surprise! FBI Warrant To Sniff Through ‘New’ Hillary Emails Was Bunch Of Crap

Time for FBI Director James Comey to not have a job anymore.
i mean it's not 'grab em by the pussy' but still...

AT&T Loves America So Much It’s Selling Customers’ Privacy Straight To Law Enforcement

AT&T helps law enforcement reach out and touch someone without warrants -- and you help pay for it!

Nice Texas Cops Just Wanted To Reach Into Black Lady’s Vagina In Public, That’s All

Here's another one for the annals of cops maybe-just-maybe behaving poorly in the line of duty, not that they ever do that. Charnesia Corley was on the way to get medicine for her mom, when she got pulled over...
Guess they forgot :(

America-Hating Appellate Court Says NSA Can’t Read All Your Sexts To Fight Terrorism After All

You've probably forgotten by now that time some terrorists damn near destroyed America with boxcutters, and we had to rewrite the Constitution to save the Constitution, so the terrorists would not win. So Congress passed a law that says...
Not so fast, man

This Iowa Cop Knows Everyone Who Plays Frisbee Golf Smokes Weed

There are a lot of stereotypes about people who engage in the inhaling of recreational marijuana, and let's face it, they're mostly all true, aren't they? (Not that we would know, of course. ) Red eyes, slower reflexes, a...
Stop in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Indiana Traffic Cop Will Save Your Soul With A Warning Ticket And Some Jesus

Indiana State Trooper Brian Hamilton seems like a super nice guy. He's the kind of cop who will let you off with a warning ticket if you happen to make an (allegedly) illegal pass. And then he will take...

Boy, That Edward Snowden Really Screwed Up, Says Edward Snowden

Though it's always nice to be right, we really wish we had been wrong about Edward Snowden. We wish that he truly had been the super-genius martyr for freedom depicted by his most fervent supporters -- and, if we're...

Rand Paul Using Civil Lawsuit To Defend Constitution From Obama, Spy Agencies, Hated British Redcoats

As he has been threatening to do for some time, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Dudebro) has filed a class-action lawsuit against the Obama Administration over the National Security Agency’s collection of phone metadata. We’re sure this action is motivated by...

Your Handy Wonkette Guide To How You Should Feel About Edward Snowden

It has been nearly a month since Edward Snowden woke us from our pleasant dream that the Fourth Amendment was still a thing, yet amazingly, the NSA's legal-sure-why-not data suck-and-swallow is still a major story. Yr Wonkette loves the...

Someone Please Explain Rand Paul’s Job To Rand Paul

Yr Wonkette has never spent any time in the state of Kentucky, or even known anyone from the state of Kentucky, so we are forced to conclude that the vast majority of Republican voters there are drooling, shuffling imbeciles...