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  We exist! We really exist!

Rachel Maddow Wants To Gay Marry Yr Wonkette, And We Accept!

Wonkette's fiance
Wonkette is pleased to report that we officially exist on the internet, after years of relying on strangers to notice us wearing Wonkette T-shirts and carrying Wonkette tote bags (available in the Wonkette Sweat Shop for the low, low price of “money”!) and crinkle their eyebrows like maybe they recognize that logo from somewhere. Read more on Rachel Maddow Wants To Gay Marry Yr Wonkette, And We Accept!…
  quittin' time

Insane, Crabby Lesbian Jack Welch Quits ‘Fortune’ Like A Little Bitch

Hey remember last week? Probably not, it was last week. Well that was when the new jobs numbers came out, putting unemployment below 8 percent for the first time in President Afrika Bambaata’s presidency and destroying in one blow eight million Miffed Romney speeches about how B. Barry Bamz was too lazy to make jobs for people, and also food stamps or something probably too. WELL. You remember a small hullaballoo ensued, as fucking idiots like former GE king Jack Welch (and also Donald Trump, in case you were wondering if there was anything to it) started screaming and freaking out that Barry had COOKED THE BOOKS. Sadly, everybody then started asking if had Alzheimer’s like Ronald Reagan or something, because it was truly embarrassing. Now Jack Welch has huffed off from his prestige job spitting out nonsense at Fortune and CNN because they had no choice but to distance themselves from this crazy old man by writing many articles explaining that he was either a blithering idiot or had lost his freaking mind. Read more on Insane, Crabby Lesbian Jack Welch Quits ‘Fortune’ Like A Little Bitch…
  the terrorists & mccain are winning

McCain Strategist Regrets Saying Terrorism Helps McCain

Top McCain strategist Charlie Black — the one who lobbies for Iran — dominated this afternoon’s 2-hour news cycle by saying in an interview with Fortune magazine that if we had a terrorist attack right now, “Certainly it would be a big advantage” for John McCain. This line, of course, meant everyone had to feign shock over an accurate political truth, but voiced thus — that if there were a terrorist attack today, Barack Obama would be behind it, potentially hurting his electoral prospects. Read more on McCain Strategist Regrets Saying Terrorism Helps McCain…