foreign policy

Whatta we got in the local clip ‘n’ save today? “Mitt Romney’s campaign is considering a major foreign policy offensive at the end of the month that would take him to five countries over three continents…” HMMMMM. You have to wait until you *win* the presidential election to launch world war, dingus. And then it’s […]

Your Wonkette has been too lazy to filter through the daily deluge of homophobic outrage pouring ever forth from the most ferociously closeted segment of the Internet to sift for the conservative hollering about Mitt Romney’s hiring of an openly gay campaign adviser to advise him on that most holy dominion of political manliness, forever […]

Hey, remember yesterday, when your Wonkette had that story about poor Mitt Romney boohooing because his $100 million retirement account would be taxed at the same tax rate your sister pays on her unemployment check? Yeah, we do too! So now Obammerz’ peeps are all hey mittens, how about you tell us more about that? […]

It is now time for your Wonkette Monday Game Post! So: what does war-loving Sen. John McCain think the United States should do about Syria? Negotiate with? Mate with? Appease? Wine and dine? Hug? Kiss? Apply crippling sanctions to? Ignore? Ignore? Ignore? Send aid to? Grundle-pump? Send to private school, basketball camp, or the Applebee’s […]

In case America was wondering, and it wasn’t, the root problem behind Afghanistan’s myriad sociopolitical and economic challenges in achieving a better standard of living for its citizens is that it fucking cold refuses to hear Newt Gingrich out on how to fix those problems. Those riots in Afghanistan over the burning of the Muslim […]

Andrew Adler, who owns an Atlanta-based newspaper called the Atlanta Jewish Times, wrote an op-ed last week in which he theorized on what Israel could do about its relationship with the United States vis à vis Iran. As Adler sees it, Israel has three options, and one of them involves “ordering a hit on” President […]

In Monday night’s debate, Rick Perry made the claim that Turkey was “ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists.” Just as bafflingly, people from as far and wide as actual Turkey and D.C. have taken time out of their busy days Tuesday to condemn Perry’s par-for-the-course proclamation. But he’s been to Turkey, […]

Remember back when Newt Gingrich was the confident, tuff-talking historarian lecturing anyone in sight on the dire stupidity of their every thought? Times have changed, since fourteen days ago! After having a thorough pout in Iowa, he quickly fled the state in shame and tears before the caucus results had even finished arriving. Newtie tried […]

This is a Thing People Are Discussing, today: smartest being of all time Newt Gingrich declared in an interview that the Palestinian people are “invented” in his grand historical estimation, sort of like how all peoples with their fancy national identities are at one point or another in history also “invented” out of thin air. […]

One lonely little Heritage Foundation blogger weenie has stumbled upon the ultimate smoking gun of rock solid evidence that Barack Obama is a hopeless fool who could not pass the fifth grade: he accidentally said “English Embassy,” a thing which does not exist, when he was dutifully expressing his required disapproval of recent attacks on […]

Herman Cain is visiting Miami these days to absorb a little of the local culture and make nice with some Latino voters, and maybe even learn a little bit from one of their many languages! Surrounded by much fanfare, Cain enjoyed a pastry at the [Versailles Restaurant's] bakery, asking at one point with his mouth […]

The lamestream media has bedeviled Herman Cain with another one of its merciless “gotcha” questions: how does the Herman Cain view China’s military? Aww, shit…. hm. They’re bad? They’re just really bad, super seriously awful and peace, Herman wants peace, so more money for more American bombs, for peace, America is awesome, we rule, God, […]

Pizza shill vanity campaigner Herman Cain has inexplicably not yet exhausted his six seconds of GOP presidential field relevancy, so we must listen to him doing this thing… speaking in tongues here, in an interview, in a dark cave? “UBEKI BEKI BEKI BEKI BAH BAH STAN O BAN STAN SO WHUT WHUT,” he says. Hm, […]

The United States, which long supported Yemen’s president, even in the face of recent widespread protests, has now quietly shifted positions and has concluded that he is unlikely to bring about the required reforms and must be eased out of office, according to American and Yemeni officials. The Obama administration had maintained its support of […]

The Obama administration is trying very hard at the moment to not have to call the Israeli settlements in Palestine illegal. Oh, diplomacy, you’re so silly. In order to do so, the U.S. has tried to make a deal with Arab countries to vote for a statement saying it “does not accept the legitimacy of […]