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Better fire up your modems and log into your AOL account (or Prodigy for you hipsters). Time for another look at the ruinous near-decade of prosperity under Bill Clinton, as refracted through the Truthiness Lens of rightwing Christian textbooks. This week, foreign affairs! (And next week, we’ll get to the other kind.)

Hiya, Wonketeers! Do you know what Vladimir Putin’s annexation of the Crimea means for the New Russian Century? We do not, we are a peen-joke blog, so we rely on experts to expertlain it to us. Whaddaya got, Maureen Dowd? Obama wears mom jeans, blah, blah Hillary 2016? No, too 2008. How about you, William […]

It sure is a good thing that politics stops at the water’s edge, because otherwise this Mitt Romney pouting in the Wall Street Journal sure would be controversial, since basically he tells America that we really screwed up bad by choosing such a terrible president who is decidedly not Mitt Romney. You see, were it […]

This amazing document was authored by Senator Rand Paul’s guy who does these for him and comes to us via POLITICO, whom we’ll discuss in a minute. What we have here is, in our experience, unprecedented. Rand Paul’s guy has not just broken the Reagan barrier but shattered it: In a 699 word op-ed nominally […]

Often is the question asked: Are Dick Cheney crazy, stupid, or lying? Even if you don’t limit yourself to choosing just one, it’s tougher to answer this question about Cheney than it is with many of his peers. Consider this quote, typed out by POLITICO from Cheney’s recent appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show “I […]

Foreign Policy has a detailed, insightful profile of the “cowboy” approach to surveillance taken by NSA Director Keith Alexander. There’s a lot of important, outrageous, we-should-be-worried-about-this stuff in there about his cavalier approach to the law and to civil liberties and privacy. And we’re going to completely ignore all that, because somebody sent us a […]

It starts with the headline: “A president who pleases no one.” Really, no one at all, not even Michelle? Poor lady, maybe Reggie Love will go straight for her, just this once. But it’s weird, because from here it looks like 44.3% of people are pleased with the president’s constant treason and all the white slavery he […]

We decided we needed an entirely separate Explainer to discuss all the stupid morons saying dumb things about PRISM and/or the collection of All Metadata Everywhere, because so many “journalists” have been MORE THAN HAPPY to come forward, pat America on its pretty head and mansplain that this is no big deal, and also, isn’t […]

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy US Senator John McCain is not happy with That One, Barack Obama, making merciless fun of His Lord High Hairgel Mittens of Romney in last night’s debate “draw.” Bamz was all like “What up, dummy? Can you see Russia from your house?” And […]

Greetings, Wonkers, and welcome back to Wonkette’s State of the Art LiveBlogoPlex for the final Debate-O-Palooza of the 2012 Presidential campaign! Your Editrix and most of the Wonkette staff are standing by via the Top Sekrit Wonkette ChatCave for what promises to be a thoughtful and nuanced discussion of the many subtleties of international relations! […]

After spending Tuesday and Wednesday feverishly blaming Obama for opening the doors of our embassies to al Qaeda and offering them lemonade and cookies with their jihad, Mitt Romney is now advancing his prescription for the world’s ills, which is a healthy dose of Vitamin Mitt. “There’s a pretty compelling story that if you had […]

Yesterday, violence in Egypt and Libya claimed the lives of five American diplomatic workers, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens. The important thing to remember in this time of crisis is that there’s still a Presidential election going on, and the campaigns MUST RESPOND. More importantly, they must do so FIRST. By way […]

For the first time since FDR used his polio-ridden legs to kick the Germans and Japanese in their fascist asses (the Italians, too, but nobody really cares about them when we talk World War II), Democrats have an advantage on foreign policy. This is problematic for the Romney campaign, because a Democrat is in office, […]

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is quite certain that Mitt Romney would be a much better foreign policy president than that Barack Obama guy. On CBS’s Morning Show yesterday, host Norah O’Donnell asked Rice to identify specific foreign policy things that Obama had failed at, but she politely dodged the question and said she […]

When Barack Hussein NObAama ran for president in 2008 with no foreign policy experience (unless you count ACORN as its own brave nation state), our good, kind and decent brethren on the right thought this might be a bad idea. How would this 48-year-old baby ever defeat bin Laden, or Khadafi, or the Soviet Union? […]