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Professor Elizabeth Warren Grades Betsy DeVos’s First Year, Is All Out Of Fs To Give

Elizabeth Warren and Katherine Clark take Betsy DeVos to school.

Trump Just Called Kirsten Gillibrand A Whore. Wonkagenda For Tues., Dec. 12, 2017

Don't think we've ever actually been shocked by a Trump tweet before. Your morning news brief.

Trump’s Cabinet Off The Damn Rails

You don't have to be crazy to work there, but... OK, you actually DO have to be crazy.

What ‘Better Deal’ Have Dumbstupid Democrats Ever Given You, HENGHHH???

When Donald Trump is getting so much done, why would anyone think Democrats can possibly offer an alternative?

Betsy DeVos Rescues Another Obama Victim: Scammy For-Profit Colleges

There are few parasites worse than the people running for-profit colleges. Obviously, the Trump administration is eager to help them.

Jerry Falwell Jr. To Help Trump Fix Higher Education Real Good

A man who believes in talking snakes will be helping to reform higher education in America.
Roy Blunt (r) has kind of a creepy smile

Your Senate Sunday: Missouri Democrat Jason Kander Really Wants To Roll A Blunt

For an article about the Senate race involving Roy Blunt, you'd think this piece would have a lot more weed jokes.
OK, fine, ad IS from 1994...

ITT Tech Closing Nationwide, Leaving Students To Mercy Of Better, Less Expensive Community Colleges

ITT Tech, that staple of late night career advertising, is going belly-up. About damn time.
Just as long as you don't major in philosophy.

Barack Obama Insults Veterans By Helping Them Go To College

Darn that elitist Barack Obama -- not only does he want to inflict higher education on all young people, he also wants to make it more available to veterans. Which is why he announced Wednesday, on Armistice Day and...
Why does Obama hate freedom scams?

Barack Obama Literally Slaughtered Terrible For-Profit Scam Corinthian ‘Colleges.’ Oh. How Terrible.

You may remember that last summer, Obama's cabal of Education Department goons went after esteemed for-profit Corinthian Colleges, targeting them for the unspeakable crime of being too awesome and making too much money. Sure, the USDE said it was...
Don't even get us started on those young ruffians careening around in flivvers while wearing raccoon coats!

Senate Republicans Have Had It With These College Kids And Their Luxurious Student Loans

A couple of Republican senators have finally figured out how to reduce the cost of higher education: Yell at college students who keep blowing their student loan money on nice things that they do not deserve. Like weed and...
The real question: Is Fox News hunting or gathering?

Fox News Host: Why Do Stupid Poors Waste Money Studying Poetry Instead Of Art History?

Let's say you went to a corrupt for-profit college that engaged in fraudulent recruiting practices, spent more on advertising than education, and was eventually shut down by the government for noncompliance with requests for data on graduation rates and...
Phi Beta Strippa

Scammy For-Profit ‘College’ Knew What Students Want: Strippers

In today's "For-Profit Colleges Are Scummy and Bad" news, we bring you the tale of Florida's "FastTrain" chain of educational institutions, which went out of business in 2012 following raids by the FBI. The company's CEO and three other...
Les geckos spatiales sont morts. Vive les geckos spatiales!

John Oliver Terrifies Us About Student Debt. Also, Space Geckos: The Sad Goodbye (Video)

John Oliver's Last Week Tonight is back from vacation, and brings us this cheery back-to-school report about the growing problem of student loan debt. There's more student debt in U.S. America than credit card or car loan debt, and...

Barack Obama Murders Capitalism, For-Profit College Just For Being Massive Scam

Damn that Barack Obama and his relentless destruction of free enterprise -- he's gone and done it again, this time killing off a fine little for-profit college that had done nothing wrong at all except for not actually teaching...

California A.G. Kamala Harris Will Sue Your Worthless Made-Up For-Profit College Out Of Existence We Hope

From the Department of It Is About Damn Time, avenging force of nature California Attorney General Kamala Harris has dropped the hammer on one o' those for profit colleges that is really nothing but a scammity-scam-scam. What bad things...