We hope the hiring sprees over at FiveThirtyEight and Vox are winding down, because it’s exhausting to keep up with what we are mad about. Vox is leading the sweepstakes by hiring the anti-gay gay guy that Ezra Klein admitted he didn’t really “read,” but then both hot New Media properties hired new people we […]

Statistics freak Nate Silver was supposed to go away after the election, which he rigged with algebra or something in order to create the first black president, which is the ultimate political statistic, for masturbating. Now the sensation has a column in the gay fashion glossy, Esquire. It’s kind of interesting! Basically, Nate has […]

Hey look who was on The Colbert Report last night — everybody’s new secret boyfriend, the esteemed baseball stats dork Nate Silver! He calls John McCain the Seattle Pilots, which is apparently funny? The point is, if this guy does not have a book deal and a standing job offer from Barack Obama by November […]