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Alex Jones, Roger Stone And Cenk Uygur Come Near To Fisticuffs To Decide Biggest Asshole

Trump/Nixonian hatchet-man organizes fight between man-babies backstage at the RNC.

This Judge Will Just Stone Cold Beat A Lawyer’s Butt Until He Gets His Way

We really shouldn't be surprised that the following story happened in Florida, because we have read all the Carl Hiaasen books and we know that Florida courtrooms must be nothing but fever swamps of hostile weirdness, but this tale...

Old Bald Liberal Jews Mistake Congressional Debate For WWE Ring (Video)

Brad Sherman and Howard Berman are almost indistinguishable. They are old liberal Jewish Democrats who both voted for the Iraq war (but still try to ding the other for voting for the Iraq war? Come on, guys), and...

Bill Clinton Brawls With Obama Nut!

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign