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We couldn’t possibly hope to fit all of our Precious Memories of Eric Cantor into a single column, so let’s just hit some highlights of a departing weaselface. (You might be surprised at the number of hits you get on a search for “Eric Cantor weasel.” Then again, you might not.) The only problem with […]

Sometimes you have to burn the village to save it, every soldier knows that, which means it also totally makes sense that you have to shut down the government and then completely deprive it of revenue to fix it. Hear that? Just SHUT THAT SUCKER DOWN, the economy won’t mind at all. And then when […]

Hullo Weekly Standard! Why are we INPEACHing the president today? President Barack Obama’s staff used an autopen (a machine that mimics one’s signature) to sign the “fiscal cliff” legislation that Congress passed on New Year’s Day. There was no ceremony or photo-op for the autopen bill signing. Well, that sounds like as good a reason […]

Good morning! It seems appropriate to complement all of this “fiscal cliff averted!” news with a polite reminder that this deal in no way means Congress will stop acting like scotch-drunk shitbirds with a hostage and nothing to lose.

Remember just before Christmas, when we told you how everybody was dumping on poor John Boehner, for the minor crime of being a total mess? Turns out all this fiscal cliff hullaballoo may have taken a toll on Old Weepy. Late last week, see, while Boehner was in the midst of the legislative cat-herding that […]

What’s Joey B. been talkin’ since singlehandedly saving the country or something (we don’t know, the Kossacks seem pretty ready to murder)? Here is Joe Biden over the past 16 or so hours: What’d you tell the Senate Dems? “This is Joe Biden. I’m your buddy.” What’s gonna happen with the House? “I think we’re […]

Perhaps you have just watched John Boehner manage to stop himself from weeping through his press conference outlining where we go now, after yesterday’s ceremonial Shitting of the Bed. And you noticed (after of course noticing the ease with which he told fat lies like he was Mitt Romney in orangeface, again) that he mentioned […]

What the hell happened last night, and why does everybody think John Boehner is a big toolbox? Ok. Deep breaths. We will work our way through this together. The problem is the “fiscal cliff,” which is a thing invented by Congress to make themselves look like assholes. House Speaker John Boehner (R-The Sun) and Barack […]

Do you know who is very smart? Tea Party congresspeople. Here are some of them moving their lips, with syllables and words coming out to form sentences, about the “fiscal cliff” or whatever, who cares, boring: “If he [Boehner] caves [on fiscal cliff negotiations], he’s going to have to get it passed with a lot […]

When you think big, tough, macho senators, isn’t Lindsey Graham really the first one that comes to mind? We’ve had many occasions to cover his manliness. Hell, we even did a children’s treasury of Lindsey’s butchest moments. That’s why we are sure it comes as no surprise that Lindsey visited Fox News to call for […]

Look at President Obama, prancing around, putting forth “unserious” proposals to keep us from falling off the so-called “fiscal cliff.” What—did he win an election or something? Because that’s what he’s acting like, and John Boehner wants him to TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH MR PRESIDENT SIR, and propose something that’s more like what the […]

BOEHNER KILLER  8:55 am November 28, 2012

Courageous Nakeds Swarm Boehner

by snipy

You know, there’s really nothing better than getting naked with your friends, amirite? Hanging out, feeling free, lighting some candles, putting on some Sarah McLachlan, applying body paint and glitter to each other, heading over to John Boehner’s place…OK. Maybe not that last part. Nobody wants that last part. Not even Mrs. Boehner. Is there […]

Marco Rubio, who we have been told is the New Face of the Republican party, has a brilliant take on solving the so-called fiscal cliff: let’s just go ahead and let rich people do whatever they want because they’ll hire a  bunch of lawyers and do what they want no matter what so we might […]

Listen you guys. We know that you were looking forward to retiring at 67, but we just can’t have that because if we do, Iran will get a nuclear weapon and blow us up. This is the ACTUAL ARGUMENT that “Security Analyst” Robert Kagan is making in the Washington Post, so do not laugh (yet) […]