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Jesus, Michelle Obama, could you stop oppressing America for even one second? First there were your terrible lies about how “poor black schools are not as good for their students as rich white schools” what are obviously lies, because you can eat at a Woolworth’s lunch counter now, and also Donald Sterling. And now we […]

Here’s a heck of a thing: our comments queue overfloweth! We have been blessed with any number of very important comments from very serious people who are going to set us straight on a few things. For instance, there’s “fedupw_libs,” who took issue with our recent piece about how HGTV sent the anti-gay Benham brothers […]

It’s nice to know that, even in these litigious times, there are still school districts willing to go that extra mile to make it clear to the world that they know fuck-all about the Constitution and students’ rights. Take Needville High School in Needville, Texas (please!), where 15-year-old Mason Michalec was given a two-day suspension […]

It was just yesterday that we told you all about how the gays FEMA-camped the all-American Benham brothers right out of their HGTV show, “Flip it Forward,” all on account of them having said a few eeny-meeny things about how same-sex marriage is just like Nazi Germany. Unfair! What about free speech? In Ye Olde […]

A hero parent in Gilford, New Hampshire, was thwarted in his brave attempt to turn a school board meeting into a trial of the tyrants at the school when he was arrested after challenging a cop to arrest him. It’s a chilling vision of sex-soaked filthy Nazi fascism in Obama’s America, as a jackbooted police […]

Happy news, America — your town councils can legally start meetings with prayers that are as full of Jebus as you want them to be! The SCOTUS ruled in a 5-4 decision that the town of Greece, New York, was not in violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment clause, even though all but a few […]

You guys all remember Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama Hero who was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court after refusing to comply with a U.S. Supreme Court order to remove a two-ton Ten Commandments monument that he’d installed at the court. That was back in 2003, don’t you feel old? And then he got reelected […]

Friends, Romans, idiots, gather ye round and hear the tragic tale of the First Amendment and how it murdered John Boehner’s Tea Party opponent, one J.D. Winterbottom, and how he is being persecuted to the fullest extent of the law by getting fired from his job for the crime of Thought. Where is Ben Shapiro […]

We’re always surprised to find out that there are still government bodies all over America that still think it is a dandy idea to start their meetings with a prayer, but only a prayer to Jeebus, of course, because any other prayer is for heathens that are going to hell. Still, it takes a special […]

Attention, Wonkerinos! We have an important message — five, actually — from a reader who was miffed that today’s Wonket did not give Alex Jones and his merry band of truthseekers their due. “Groovychickedy” just wants to set the record straight for us: One cannot simply brush Alex Jones under the carpet anymore. Alternative media […]

Earlier this year, Tennessee faced the terrifying possibility that workers at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga might vote to unionize. And while the UAW ultimately lost the election, the wise Republicans who control the Tennessee House of Representatives know that the state needs to be vigilant. So they introduced a bill to outlaw “mass picketing” […]

Ben Shapiro, he’s this guy. He’s probably going to be the next Piers Morgan, according to Ben Shapiro. Here is what Ben Shapiro’s voice sounds like so you can see people would definitely flock to the CNN to hear Ben Shapiro talk, mostly people who feel they just don’t have enough blood shooting horizontally from […]

Forget loaves and fishes — the House Education Committee in Alabama’s state legislature pushed through a school prayer bill last week on a voice vote, even though more committee members voted against it than for it. The bill would require teachers to spend up to 15 minutes during the first class of each school day […]

So Ted Nugent. We have discussed him and his real purty mouth. (He called Barack Obama a chimpanzee and subhuman mongrel, which didn’t even crack that day’s purty-things Top 10, probably.) The Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, who is running against Wendy Davis for Texas Gub, campaigned with the Nugemonster the other day, and then […]

Oh, man, did you hear the terrible things that Barack Hussein Obama said at the National Prayer Breakfast the other day? They were so offensive. No, he didn’t talk about ‘bortion, or about slut pills, or about how hard it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven, or even about […]