UPDATE: We’ve heard back from the National Interagency Fire Center; additional details at end of post) Well, golly, here’s a break from all that Syria stuff: the National Home for Completely Plausible Conspiracy Theories, aka WND, ran a story today suggesting — in that asking-questions-in-a-headline way — that al Qaeda is behind the wildfires burning […]

Hola Wonkeratti! It’s time once again for another terrible Wonkette Sci-Blog. Mix yourselves another drink and come on in! Today, in honor of this week’s American Independence Day  we’re paying  homage to skyrocket and All-American Success Story,  the Saturn V launch Vehicle. The “Moon Rocket” we all saw (well, some of us saw) launched from […]

Cory Booker may finally have put an end to his reign atop the infamous criminal syndicate of Newark, New Jersey, with a brazen B&E in front of multiple witnesses. The Democrat “mayor” has admitted entering a building without permission of its owners and forcibly carrying out a woman who was inside. He claims the building […]

Some teabagger Republicans in the Texas legislature noticed on Newsmax or whatever that Texas is currently on fire, the whole state. And then they heard something about firefighters apparently trying to fight these catastrophic fires, which is communistic, so the Texas Forest Service will have its current low budget slashed by another third — $34 […]

American Family Association blogger Bryan Fischer said a couple days back that firefighters in Tennessee letting that house burn down was the “Christian thing” to do, and after we picked it up and it spread across the Internets, it turns out a lot of people, Christian and non-Christian, thought he was quite incorrect about that! […]

If you haven’t heard the worst news of the week yet: Some Tennessee firemen sat around and watched as a family’s house burned to a crisp, because somebody forgot to pay their $75 Fireman Subscription! Glenn Beck knows that the real victim here is the fire department, which had to waste countless hours driving all […]

Do you live on Earth? Then you may soon be the Victim of an Earthquake! Experts say they have never seen so many goddamned earthquakes in what, three months? Does the world hate us? Just for killing all the creatures and building strip malls everywhere and digging up all the mountains to make the components […]

The organizers of the upcoming Danville TEAParty in Virginia were surprised that their plan to burn life-size effigies of both the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and a moderate freshman congressman, Democrat Tom Perriello, in a massive bonfire, replete (presumably) with half-and-half cocktails of Everclear and lighter fluid, drew some […]

Violent anti-abortion galoot Randall Terry, as manifested on YouTube by this classically trained thespian, would like everyone to do something this Halloween season: form little backyard parties to burn effigies of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (as well as any nearby pumpkins! Halloween theme!) Here is the preview of something like that, presumably inspired by […]

One of the lesser-known members of President Obama’s cabinet is a young hipster with clever glasses named Peter Orszag. As the budget director, he does things with numbers and money. And he has shown that despite his heavy math nerd cred, he is also capable of conversing with other humans in a pleasant manner, which […]

URBAN UNREST  1:37 pm January 21, 2009

Union Station Burns!

by Ken Layne

First the riots, now the fires. Thanks a lot, Obama! Wonkette operative “Patrick W.” reports, “I guess there’s a fire inside union station RIGHT NOW, probably set by retreating tourist mobs. But don’t worry, it’s probably only garbage, that they disposed of in piles on the ground. Either that or the riots in SW have […]

Socialist villain Barack Obama has been endorsed by another group of Blame America First gay sellouts, those lazy clowns known as “America’s Firefighters.” The International Association of Fire Fighters is endorsing Obama at some fire in Las Vegas today, because the Democratic candidate thinks lazy firemen deserve “collective bargaining,” which sounds pretty communist, so that’s […]

CLIPS  3:19 pm December 19, 2007

EEOB Inferno Revealed!

by Megan Carpentier