filibusters, KDUH, Scottsbluff, News, Weather and Sports First of all, there is a black legislator from Nebraska. Second of all, he spent yesterday going Wrath of God on his fellow leggies, whether Dem or Republican, and specifically called them out (by name) for their gambling and fornicating and homosexing. Third of all, he told them […]

Frankly, we are surprised it took this long — three years and ten and a half or so months into Barack Obama’s Purple Reign — for Senate Minority Leader and King of All He Surveys Mitch McConnell to become so demented that he is now forced to filibuster his own bills. This man, he is […]

Here are some of the news story quotes we woke up to this morning, GAH: ancient tribal casino chieftain Harry Reid “pulled the nuclear option” trick in the Senate and as a result the entire chamber is now “in chaos,” (because it is enveloped in a giant ball of radioactive flames) and the Republicans are […]

Bernie Sanders is currently filibustering on the floor of the Senate because he doesn’t like the Obama-Republican tax cut plan. He’s been at it since 10:25 am, according to a C-SPAN graphic, and he will soon be jumping in and out of wormholes so his voice can be heard everywhere and through all of time. […]

THE SYSTEM WORKS! America can sleep soundly tonight knowing that our nation’s servicemen do not want to have sex with each other — at least not for a few more months. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal bill before the Senate failed its cloture vote this afternoon 56-43. Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln voted against […]

Democrats fought hard in 2005 to prevent the Republican majority from using the “nuclear option” to overcome their filibusters, and a mysterious drug gang, the “Gang of 14,” or the “Jets,” as they are also known, came together to keep the weird parliamentary tactic in place. The GOP has responded, since leaving power, by filibustering […]

Roll in the cots, break out the pissin’ jugs, and refrigerate your “second dinner” of cold cuts and potato salad! For the Democrats are considering keeping the Senate in session all night, or at least until the mean old Republicans stop yapping about socialism, or at least agree to open debate on “FinReg,” which they […]