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Sen. Reid Threatens to Drop a Nuke on Congress, Procedural-Style

Another day, another article about the dysfunction of Congress. Why oh why can’t Congress get its shit together and do their motherfuckin jobs? What sort of warped suckitude is Congress working up to ruin everyone’s summer, you ask? It’s the filibuster! Or rather, filibuster reform through the nuclear option of changing the rules to allow a simple majority to move through some (but not all) Senate nominees in order to fill a multitude of judicial and executive vacancies. SO EXCITING! It is, dammit, and we are here to make it more interesting to learn about, so pay attention! Sen. Reid is threatening to bust out a Congressional nuke in order to virtually ditch the filibuster to more swiftly move the Prezzy’s judicial nominees because he is sick and tired of the GOP mucking things up. How will this happen, you wonder? Buckle your safety belt, we are about to get medieval on this filibuster shit, Wonksplainer style. Read more on Sen. Reid Threatens to Drop a Nuke on Congress, Procedural-Style…
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Heritage Foundation Very Proud Of Its Incoherent Bondage Porn Filibuster Tumblr Message

Hey, movie fans! Remember that Robert Frank Capra classic where Jimmy Stewart saves the day by standing up and filibustering a bill he knows in his heart to be bad? Pretty dramatic stuff, and an iconic bit of Authentic American Cornball Political Sincerity. Of course, as we all sorta-kinda know, the rules for filibusters have changed, so instead of One Brave Senator standing up and reading Collected Poems of Leonard Nimoy into the record, the minority party just says “We filibuster thee” and spits three times, and that counts. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, seeing all the stalled legislation and spit covering the Senate floor, hopes to bring back Old School filibusters: You want to stop a bill, you gotta stand up and talk. So above is the Heritage Foundation’s invocation of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, aimed at Harry Reid’s proposal to change how filibusters work. We will now pause, class, for you to ponder what is wrong with this picture. Read more on Heritage Foundation Very Proud Of Its Incoherent Bondage Porn Filibuster Tumblr Message…
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Democrats Sign Letter Saying They Hate Filibusters

In a move that’s as overdue as it is unexpected, every returning Senate Democrat has signed a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid calling for filibuster reform. The letter is not specific on what sort of reform they’d like to see, but the basic outline looks to take its cues from Sen. Jeff Merkley’s proposal: Filibusters would require continuous debate on the floor of the Senate, and they would only be allowed once the bill is on the floor (no more filibustering the motion to debate a bill, for instance). Democrats would also like to see the dead time between calling for a vote to break a filibuster and actually taking the vote reduced. Read more on Democrats Sign Letter Saying They Hate Filibusters…