filibuster reform

Another day, another article about the dysfunction of Congress. Why oh why can’t Congress get its shit together and do their motherfuckin jobs? What sort of warped suckitude is Congress working up to ruin everyone’s summer, you ask? It’s the filibuster! Or rather, filibuster reform through the nuclear option of changing the rules to allow […]

Hey, movie fans! Remember that Robert Frank Capra classic where Jimmy Stewart saves the day by standing up and filibustering a bill he knows in his heart to be bad? Pretty dramatic stuff, and an iconic bit of Authentic American Cornball Political Sincerity. Of course, as we all sorta-kinda know, the rules for filibusters have […]

In a move that’s as overdue as it is unexpected, every returning Senate Democrat has signed a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid calling for filibuster reform. The letter is not specific on what sort of reform they’d like to see, but the basic outline looks to take its cues from Sen. Jeff Merkley’s proposal: […]