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Dems Stop Being Pussies For Five Minutes, Promise To Dickslap This Neil Gorsuch Douche

Can't very well NOT oppose this corporate tool.

Paul Ryan, Donald Trump Promise If You Like Your Cancer, You Can Keep It

Letting insurance companies *not cover* your cancer isn't 'fun' for you? Well boo hoo.

War With Mexico? Ai Yi Yi! Wonkagenda For Thurs., Feb. 2, 2017

Trump insults Australia, Betsy DeVos might fail, and oh, we're going to war with Mexico? Caliente! Your morning news brief!

Obama Designates Two New National Monuments. Normal, Non-Jerk People Think This Is Great!

Wednesday was a very good day for protection of the West's endangered places.
The fever will rise again

Republicans Poison Zika Funding Bill With Important Help For Confederate Flag, Cuts To Obamacare

Democrats aren't too crazy about some of the provisions Republicans threw into the Zika funding bill. Isn't allowing Confederate flags in federal cemeteries an important part of fighting infectious disease?

Elizabeth Warren To GOP: Exactly How Stupid Are You?

Senate Republicans tried to kill Planned Parenthood. Again. It didn't work. Again. It will never work. Women will give all their monies and hold their breaths until they turn blue to keep their favorite ladyparts healthcare provider alive and well....
He went to some kind of medical school?

Rand Paul Canceling Government Again, Because Planned Parenthood (And Because He’s A Dick)

Hiya, Rand Paul, how are you being terrible today? Doing a "filibuster"? Yelling at all the girl journalists, for not journalisming at you like you like? Telling jokes about your college Aqua Buddha hijinks when you "kidnapped" a lady,...
Things were a lot more carefree in WW II

Senate Republicans Love All Veterans Except Gay Kind

It's great to know how much Republicans love The Troops, as long as The Troops are about to go blow some stuff up somewhere and keep the world safe for whatever it is we're keeping safe this month. Once...
Good job, asshole

GOP Will Confirm Loretta Lynch For A.G. Just As Soon We Outlaw Abortion Some More

Poor Attorney General Eric Holder has been trying to quit his job since September. And you'd think, given the way Republicans hate his intestines and all his other parts too and want to impeach him for seizing all our...
yup, burn it

Senate Republicans Sneak Abortion Stuff Into Human Trafficking Bill, Why Not?

This week, the Senate tried to do something unusual -- they tried to tee up a piece of bipartisan legislation called the Justice For Victims of Human Trafficking Act. Because who could be against that? Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)...

Boehner, McConnell Bound, Gagged, Crawling To Democrats For Help, Punishment

Bourbon-swilling Republican Mitch McConnell has not been Senate majority leader for very long, but he has already learned an important lesson about how governing is kind of hard, actually. Who knew? Democrats had to tell him, four times, that...
Good job, asshole

GOP Has New Plan To Keep Department Of Homeland Security Open, Just Kidding

Hey, Congress, you fellas all tanned, ready, and rested after that well-deserved vacation you took last week just because you guys sure do love vacation? Great, maybe you can get back to the business of doing your job and...

The Weekend Stock Photo Report Lies To Your Face And You Love It

In this installment of The Weekend Stock Photo Report, Brian Williams gets a time-out for fibbing, Congress forms a circular firing squad over DHS funding, and Alabama Judge Roy Moore don't cotton to no sodomites. Missed last week's Report? Well...

Morning Maddow: Time For Obama’s Presidential Menopause (Video)

Rachel Maddow kicked off her Tuesday show with some thoughts about what she calls "Presidential Menopause": the last two years of every presidency since Reagan's, in which presidents have to deal with an opposite-party Congress. Barack Obama is about...

A Round Of Applause, If You Will, For Wendy Davis, Your 2013 State Legislative Badass

And now we have arrived at the Awards Show portion of your New Year's Eve, O my Wonkers. First big award, for outstanding achievement in the field of Awesomeness in a state legislature, goes to the awesomely awesome Wendy...

Comedy Of Errors Of Comedy: Wonkette’s Most Lamentable Mistakes Of 2013

In this New Media hellscape, the news comes at you fast and furious. Though we probably try our best, in our mad rush to write a dozen gross jokes about Sarah Palin's latest bedshitting incident and hit "publish" before...