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Idiot Trump Lady Wishes Hillary Clinton Would Stop Doing Sexism To Donald Trump

Betsy McCaughey has thoughts to share about Trump's groping accusations. They are bad thoughts.

Mike Pence Real Good At Talking To 11-Year-Old Girls About Body Image Issues

He knows what they are most concerned about, and that is ISIS.

Ben Carson Would Like ‘Morning Joe’ Reporter To SHUT UP LADY HE’S TALKING

Ben Carson respects women. Nobody respects women more than Ben Carson, except maybe Donald Trump.

Trump Jr.: Ladies Shouldn’t Even BE In Business If They Don’t Like Sexual Harassment

Maybe they could go teach kindergarten if they don't want Donald Trump, Jr. to show them pictures of boobies?

Rush Limbaugh Hates How Liberals Always Focus On ‘Rape’ Aspect Of Rape

Rush Limbaugh is very offended by the idea of 'consent.'

Donald Trump Declares Moral Bankruptcy

Trump is as good at apologies as he is at not going bankrupt.

Maureen Dowd Even Manages To Be Misogynist Pig About Donald Trump

All the embarrassing crap that's fit to print.

Hillary Clinton Beats Donald Trump’s Ass On Twitter, And It Is Glorious

Awwwwww, Donald Trump got beat up by a girl AGAIN.

Let’s All Laugh At This Awful MRA Meme About How ‘Feminism Indoctrinates Our Children’

Have you taken your daily vitamins yet today? I hope so! But in addition to that, I've also got a hefty dose of RED PILL for you. In the form of one of the most hilarious/sad manosphere memes I...

Your Weekly Top Ten Features Wonkette Baby PLAYING WITH A DOLLHOUSE!

OH HELLO WONKERS, COME IN, SIT A SPELL, SIT TWO SPELLS IF YOU WANT! It is time for your weekly Saturday top ten list, where we count down all the stories you clicked on THE MOST this week. Aren't...

Women Abandoning Feminism In Droves In Hopes Of Winning Heart Of *This Guy*!

Dave Hon is your new boyfriend and you love him.
Logically consistent since 1964

God Spares Phyllis Schlafly Sight Of First Woman President

Phyllis Schlafly is up in heaven now, telling all the lady angels to get back in the kitchen.

Teen Rapist Looks Forward To Enjoying College Experience, No Jail Time

David Becker is the new Brock Turner.

President Obama Loves The Ladies, In The Feminist Type Way

Take a moment to bask in the knowledge that yes, for real, this is our president.

Texas Republicans Want To Have Funerals For All The Fetuses

Some people never learn.