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Senate Approves Sandy Relief, Senate Still Littered With Bastards

The United States Senate voted last night to approve $60 billion in relief for communities affected by Hurricane Sandy — money that was evidently counted by hand, because Hurricane Sandy was three stinking months ago. The vote passed with 62 votes, which is nice because the money can finally go out, but we cannot forget that this means 38 members did not vote for it, and that is where the juicy business is! They are all Republicans, obviously, and presumably voted against it because we have a HUGE SPENDING CRISIS, and whenever there is a chance to get credit for voting against spending, they will take it. They probably vote against specialized federal spending like this every time it comes up, right? Not just when they can cast a safe, meaningless ‘no’ vote and it doesn’t affect them? Prepare to be startled, Internet Folk: Many of the senators who voted against Sandy relief love government relief, so long as it is not going to atheist New York Jew abortionists. Read more on Senate Approves Sandy Relief, Senate Still Littered With Bastards…