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Old Mad Colonel OUTRAGED To Discover He’s Worked At Fox News For 10 Years

Yep, this guy sure is all about journamalistic integrity.
This pic could be from the Juggalo march, who the fuck knows?

Watch Out Virginia! Ralph Northam Held Down Your Mother While MS-13 Raped Her, With Votes

Virginia's having a gubernatorial race. Time for shit to get stupid!
Who ya got?

We Survived Donald Trump’s Fear-Stew Speech, And So Are You!

Cheer up! America is in far better shape that Donald Trump wants to frighten us into thinking.
My Sharia more

Oklahoma Spending All Its Natty Ice Money Investigating ‘Threat Of Islam.’ Yes, In Oklahoma

An Oklahoma legislator wants to spend taxpayer money to determine how big a threat radical Islamic terrorists pose to the Sooner State. 'Not Much.' There, now he can refund the state treasury.

Loudest Patriots In America Defend Idaho From Pro-Refugee Speeches At Boise Rally

Yr Dok Zoom's hometown of Boise, Idaho, hosted a demonstration on the steps of the state Capitol in support of refugees. Idaho has become home to about 19,000 refugees since the 1980s. Across the street from the 700 or...
He's crying because he's a LOSER.

David Vitter Trashed Like A Soiled Didy In Louisiana Governor’s Race

The David Vitter Era, if there ever was such a thing, is over. The rightwing senator from Louisiana was flushed away like so much doody in the state's runoff election for Governor Saturday, losing to Democrat John Bel Edwards...
Campuses feel safer already

‘Oath Keepers’ To Teach America’s Kids How To Bum-Rush Gunmen, Resist Tyranny

Those Oath Keeper guys are really branching out! No longer content to wait for the chance to have an armed showdown with the feds over gold mines on public land, they've recently started boycotting Waffle House for not hugging...
'Hey, guys, everybody attack him. He...' BLAM!!

Ben Carson Beated Up A Robber One Time, With His Brain

Ben Carson continues his hilarious winning strategy of telling America that the victims of last week's massacre were a bunch of pussies, because who in their right mind gets shot? That's so lame. He has either refused to consider...
And a former thug. Grr.

Ben Carson Will Only Visit Families After Next Massacre If Victims Aren’t Such Pussies

Dr. Ben Carson has been sharing a lot of thoughts about the massacre in Oregon, and for a fellow who sort of faded into the background of the first two Republican debates, something about the murders in Roseburg has...
There. Much better without that nonsense

Tennessee Republican Demands Schools Delete Islam From History, Because 9/11

To mark the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Tennessee state Rep. Andy Holt is calling on the state to revise the history of Islam out of its social studies standards, because obviously...
It is never the wrong time to panic

Stupidest Men On The Internet: Obama Bringing Africans, Ebola, And Polygamy To America!

Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, and Kristinn Taylor, the Stupidest Guest Blogger on the internet, have been having a nice pretend meltdown the last couple of days about how Barack Obama is recklessly trying to kill...

Internet Seeks ‘Off Switch’ For Joe Lieberman

Fearmongering terror toad Joe Lieberman is the worst person in the Senate -- not because he's the dumbest, or the most personally repulsive, but because he has spent the past decade using his supposed "credibility" as a Democrat senator...

Not Even FBI Cares About Bloomberg’s Phony Terror Suspect

While #OWS protesters created a "weaponized drum circle" around Michael Bloomberg's mansion over the weekend, the mayor's attempt to get people to freak out about the terrorisms was a total failure. Not even the terror-happy federal government was convinced...

In Hopes Someone Will Pay Attention, Romney Proposes Killing Medicare

Dull little rich boy Mitt Romney can't get Republicans to love him, because he loves the Wrong Jesus and also was the creator of Obamacare in Taxachusetts. The news media, meanwhile, will only write about where Herman Cain would've...

Islamophobe Nuts Decry Sharia Takeover of Nashville Hotel

The vicious professional Muslim-haters of the anti-religious freedom organization "Preserving Freedom Conference" were all set to make their pretty pennies holding a sweaty, paranoid circle jerk for Islamo-fear fetishists at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, but the mean venue...

WSJ Surveys #OWS, Finds Dangerous Radicals (Meaning, Democrat Voters)

Here's a pre-tangled mess of shitty intestines to unravel: Michael Bloomberg's pollster arranged a survey of the Occupy Wall Street campers and published his paranoid/fearmongering results in the Wall Street Journal. The pollster/WSJ columnist, Douglas Schoen, then objectively described...