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Right-Wing Media Is 100% Of The Problem

Hillarites and Berners, let us once again love each other and stick it to THAT OTHER GUY.
Portrait of volunteer Karen Green by 12-year-old refugee kid. Note: glittery stars could be used as shrapnel in a bomb.

Dumb Americans Forget To Be Afraid Of Syrian Refugees, What A Bunch Of Dummies!

A few reminders that real Americans aren't as dumb as Donald Trump wants them to be.
Why's everybody always picking on him? He's a winner!

Tyrant Barack Obama Warns Trump Is The Real Deal

President Obama's speech at the DNC Wednesday offered some thoughts on who the un-American candidate in this election is. It's the guy who has a list of demands, not policy proposals.
Who ya got?

We Survived Donald Trump’s Fear-Stew Speech, And So Are You!

Cheer up! America is in far better shape that Donald Trump wants to frighten us into thinking.
The Dark Knight has a lot of problems with you NRA people

Tyrannical American Medical Association Calls Gunshot Wounds Unhealthy. Boycott Doctors!

The American Medical Association announced it will push for increased research on gun violence. Get ready for the National Rifle Association to boycott health care.
Guns grabbed: Zero. Minds changed: Also zero.

Barack Obama’s CNN Gun Control Town Hall Sells A Million More Guns, Probably

Barack Obama took his call for slightly expanded background checks for gun purchase to CNN Thursday night, in an hour-long town hall where the president took some tough questions from pro-gun activists, and made the case that any action...

Barack Obama Proposes A Few Minor Tweaks To Prevent Gun Deaths, Usual Freakout Ensues

Now that Barack Obama has nullified the Second Amendment and grabbed all the guns, we'd like to look back at the speech in which he sounded the death knell of freedom for approximately the 1,485th time in his presidency....

How Is Barack Obama Taking All Your Guns Away Today?

It's been a long seven years of waiting, but maybe, just maybe, this time Barack Obama will finally get around to confiscating all of America's guns. He's been busy selling us out to ISIS, Iran, George Soros, Mexico, and...
No idea why someone would shop a Twilight Sparkle plushie into a David Duke pic. She's no lavender supremacist.

David Duke Thinks Donald Trump Could Tone It Down A Notch

Here's a little tip for fetid vomitsack and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump: When former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke says you're a bit over the top, it might be time to consider dialing things back just a skosh. Duke shared...
It's almost as if the Miss America organization doesn't hate Muslims like they should

Donald Trump Has Found His Next Wife!

Sad news for the people of Puerto Rico! They have lost their official beauty queen. Miss Puerto Rico 2015, Destiny Velez, was suspended after sending a number of anti-Muslim tweets on the Twitter machine, in response to a provocative...
Speaking of 'pinched, mean, evil faces'...

Syrian Refugees Won’t Be Eatin’ Georgia’s Food Stamp Lobster And Filet Mignon Steaks

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is a Christian. He loves the Bible so much, he made sure cabins in state campgrounds were equipped with copies of the Good Book. But he's apparently pretty easygoing about actually following some of Christ's...
Just a man who loves his country

It’s Only Fair To Ask: Is Donald Trump Working For ISIS?

Donald Trump is already making us nostalgic for those innocent early days of his campaign, when he mostly came across as a buffoon bent on wrecking the Republican Party. He was so good at it that he had to...

San Bernardino Definitely Terror Attack, But We Don’t Know Who To Bomb Yet

It was a really frustrating weekend for everyone who wants to shut down the mosques, deport the Muslims, and ban al Gebra from the schools, because while the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are definitely investigating the San...

President Obama Addresses Terrorism, Asks Americans To Only Panic A Little, Please

President Obama will address the San Bernardino shootings and his administration's plans for fighting terrorism Sunday night at 8 p.m., in what everyone keeps reminding us is a "rare" address from the Oval Office. Now that the FBI has...
Pretty much what you'd expect from a guy with a pinched face

Ted Cruz Thinks Refugees Are Gross, Forgets Where His Dad’s From

In the ever-escalating competition to ignore the plight of Syrians escaping their country's civil war and to be the biggest dick about it, Canadian Sen. Ted Cruz made a solid effort Monday, saying it would be "nothing short of...
Locked and Loaded for the Lord

Tennessee Lt. Governor: Don’t Panic, But Every Christian Needs A Gun Right Now

Like so many Americans, Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey was overcome with emotion following the murders of nine people at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. So the day after the tragedy, he did what Americans do in times of...