Look at poor, downtrodden you, just browsing Reddit to get through the day in your cubicle at some “private” company, where you aren’t offered the competitive salary, benefits, and rights to complain as those posh government workers in equivalent positions. Pissed, aren’t you? It isn’t fair – government workers have it almost as easy as […]

Here is your weekly Thursday Fun Post About Hitler! What has Hitler done now? Well, according to Science, Hitler “craved cocaine and cars,” injected himself with young bull semen so he could have mad coked-out bull sex with Eva Braun, and farted up a storm, maybe in Eva Braun’s face, because he was hilarious and […]

Even though you have already had a “Tuesday Lunch Video” today, circumstances call for a “Tuesday Fun Video” as well, because how can we not post this? It’s CNN’s finest hour. “Flatulence,” she says! [YouTube]