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Welcome to another edition of Derp Roundup, the feature where we bring you the very best of the worst detritus that’s clung to our browser tabs all week. We find the stories that are too short for a full post but too stupid to ignore altogether and serve them up to you in a delicious […]

Get out your Post-Tragedy Bingo Cards, kids — the Family Research Council (motto: “All research vetted by our opinion”) has found a couple of additional suspects in last weekend’s killing spree in Isla Vista, California. While crazy feminists think that maybe the killings might have something to do with Elliot Rodger’s open declaration of hatred […]

Wingnut extraordinaire Matt Barber, who writes almost exclusively about how The Gay Agenda is going to kill us all, except for when he explains that feminists are in favor of rape, has discovered another completely new thing about “the Left” and the gays: The real goal of all this legalizing of gay marriage and gay […]

Remember way back in February when we all got excited that Jan Brewer showed a modicum of human decency and vetoed Arizona’s “let institutionalize and business-ize hate against the gays” law? Looks like we started to rest on our laurels, got soft, failed to be eternally vigilant, and we didn’t pay attention to Mississippi, where […]

Like a lot of your rightwing fundagelicals, Michele Bachmann is a big believer in the old Chick tract “Support Your Local Jew,” so she knows that the most important country in the world, next to maybe America, is Israel, because that’s where Jesus will come to end the world. And so if Israel is unhappy […]

Time for another visit to the headspace of retired Army general and Family Research Council loony Jerry Boykin, who likes him a big beefy Manly Jesus with big muscles and man stank, and his newest foray into eschatology is just as creative. You see, Jesus is not some wimpy peacenik commie like the comsymp libs […]

Jerry Boykin is on a mission to rescue Jesus from those faggy Eye-Talian artists that painted him as some kind of wimpy homo ladyboy. The retired lieutenant-general, now executive VP of the Family Research Council, told a Men’s Prayer Breakfast at William Jessup University that we’ve got to stop thinking of Jesus as a skinny […]

The nutballs at the Family Research Council are worried about the feminazi socialist revolution that might result if early childhood education is expanded, because they know that the real goal is not to prepare children for school, but actually to get the Government’s hooks in their tender minds and destroy the family. Again.

It’s back to school time boys and girls and parents who are sick and tired of the boys and girls hanging out at the house eating and sleeping and being bored all day. This means it is of course also time to start worrying about paying for school supplies, back to school clothes, updated immunization […]

Some sad news from the organizers of the big “Ex-Gay Pride” event that had been scheduled for July 31st: The organizer announced Friday that a dinner and reception at the Family Research Council has been cancelled due to unspecified “anti-ex-gay extremism.” Voice of the Voiceless, the “ex-gay” group behind the nonevent, will instead hold the dinner at […]

Tony Perkins, head honcho at the Family Research Council, is a terrible human being. In fact, he may not be human. We are guessing he was projectile vomited from the rubbish-filled gut of a hate-filled demon and sent to earth to punish us for the amusement of the Greek gods, or something. What asinine hate-filled […]

In what is bound to be the most exciting counterdemonstration since that one time you heckled Brother Jed when he came to your college (only far less fun), some strange wingnut group has announced that it will hold a big ex-gay rally at the end of this month in Washington DC. So far, only the […]

What an interactive Friday it’s been for you worthly Wokette skum! We had a real live book-writing guy drop by, and some of you actually seemed to have read a little farther than the seven chapters we made it. You also added a whole bunch of suggested (and suggestive) two-word article titles to K-Lo’s Muppet […]

So what we have here is a copy of the graphics from the Family Research Council’s “Call2Fall” campaign, which is set for this Sunday, June 30. The event’s FAQ explains that it’s “nothing fancy,” merely a pledge for Christians to take time on June 30 to “call your people to get on their knees and […]

Well, thank heavens, we finally have some balance in this crazy old world! After all these stories about transgender prom queens and adorable sodomite “cutest couples,” our long national nightmare of progressive nice-time is finally over. In protest of a recently adopted prohibition on organized prayer at school events, the valedictorian of Liberty High School in […]