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Donald Trump’s Drunk History

Donald Trump the History Buff! Who knew????
I have heard the derpmaids singing, each to each

Deleted Comments: Wonkette Doesn’t Meet Convicted Felon Dinesh D’Souza’s High Intellectual Standards

Hey, Dinesh D'Souza saw our review of his dumb movie! He didn't like it much.

Genius of History David Barton Finds Reliable Gun Facts In Louis L’Amour Novel

(updated with correction; see note at end) So, what new amazing tales of actual history as she truly happened does floppy-brained fact buggerer David Barton have for us this week? As you may recall, Barton, the Christianist "historian"...

Televangelist Explains How His Jebus Books Brought Down The Berlin Wall

You may have thought that the Berlin Wall was brought down by the economic and political bankruptcy of the East German government in 1989, or maybe because of the impromptu actions of enthusiastic Berliners who just kind of...