fact checking

So you probably heard about Jason Collins, the sportsball man who said he was gay last week? And almost everyone said, Oh, that’s nice, sure, except for the usual crowd of jerks? And of course we all know that Collins was not really the first gay sportsball man, or even the first gay sportsballer or […]

When Americans think of “lying Rupert Murdoch-owned filthyweasels spewing rightwing talking points,” they of course think of Fox News. But There’s a whole ‘nother arm of the Murdoch Bullshit Machine that operates semi-independently of the Fox News domain, and that’s their terrible stinky community website, Fox Nation (motto: “We’re The One That Allows Comments”), which […]

We’d really hate to jinx anything, so we are typing this with our fingers crossed: America’s Craziest Legislator Michele Bachmann (R-Circular Ruins), despite the advantages of a fanatical national following and a very conservative district, just might not be a shoo-in for reelection this fall. (Also, OW! OW! OW! Do not try to type that […]

Mitt Romney, that terrible, audacious liar, is going to approach the debates as a way of letting America know what a terrible, audacious liar Barack Obama is, because as Sun Tzu said, “Approach your weaknesses like the spineless sack of poo that you are.”

If you had to take a test where you also got to make up all the questions, would you probably still answer all of them wrong? Yes, you would, if you are lunatic Bible-humper Michele Bachmann. A Politifact.com analysis of 24 “Michele Bachmann statements” showed that 23 of those fell somewhere between stretching the truth […]

Trig Palin is a hot commodity, and when you say he’s at places he’s definitely not, you have to answer to Ben Smith! Ben Smith did not care for the Journalism in that Vanity Fair Sarah Palin piece, as we noted yesterday, but now he has done some digging and found out Trig wasn’t even […]