The Republican Party of Chisago County, Minnesota, posted this awesome satirical image on its Facebook page for a few hours Wednesday, then removed it — and the entire Facebook page, for a while — before posting an apology, saying that the posting was “not representative of our party.” Aw, come on, guys, enough Republicans have […]

On her FaceSpace page yesterday, Sarah Palin posted this photo of her son and nephew from about 15 years ago, gettin’ all mavericky and free-enterprisey one summer. She had this note: When life gives you lemons, at this point make margaritas. Caving on debt could drive one to drink. This photo of my son and […]

For some darn reason, the organizers of the “Million Vet March on the Memorials” are suddenly distancing themselves from the fine people who showed up in DC over the weekend to tear down the barriers around the WWII Memorial and demand the impeachment of Fake Preznit Obama. On their homepage and their FacePlaceSpace page, the […]

Hey GOP, how’s that Shutty-Downy stuff working out for ya? Not good, eh? Starting to think that maybe using a government shutdown as a political ploy to stop that Obamacare law was maybe a terrible idea? And now you gotta figure how to make it seem like everything that happens because you did this is […]

Happy Saturday, you slugabeds! As you blearily try to shake off the residue of last night’s revelries, pour yourself another cuppa joe and treat yourself to a serving of our weekly concatenation of clinking, clanking, caligenous junk from the interwebs that was too stoopid to ignore altogether but that didn’t quite merit a full-length post. […]

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley posted this important communication to her Facebook page Wednesday: What not to do…getting locked out of the Governor’s mansion in your robe while sending the kids off to school. sigh…#adayinthelife Later in the day, Gov. Haley reportedly became flustered by the increasingly frantic pace of chocolates on an assembly line. […]

It’s a bad day for bigots out there today. We are having a super-duper SAD because Sweet Cakes by Melissa is closing its doors, according to KOIN.com. You don’t remember them? They are one of the bakeries that is being persecuted because they didn’t want to make wedding cakes for fags, lesbos, queers, and other […]

Prepare to clutch your pearls, wonketeers. We have on our hands a tawdry display of vile sexuality that absolutely DEMANDS to be shown to the world. It seems that a politician errr, a journalist the private-citizen daughter-in-law of a retired journalist has put up some super-racy photos on the Facebooks! Gasp! and bring me a […]

Nashville paranoids were well and truly trolled last week by a fake website claiming that the city’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center, which had been damaged by severe flooding in 2010 and just last month escaped foreclosure, would soon be converted into a mosque. Vigilant protectors of Constitutional religious freedom all that is good and true and […]

By now Wonketeers are probably aware that the NSA (which stands for No Such Agency) has not only been collecting “metadata” from Verizon for oh, about seven years now, but also that it has been directly accessing servers from Skype, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Skype in a program called PRISM in a gigantic effort […]

Just when you’ve grown tired of loser Republicans giving all kinds of advice to the GOP on how not to lose, it’s suddenly time for different loser Republicans to blargh and whine about the President some more, because that worked so well to get them elected. The reason (as if they need one): they don’t like who he […]

(See update at end of post) You will be delighted to know that, today at least, the title “Alabama State Senator” is not going to be associated with yet another nomination for Wonkette’s coveted Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year Award. Rather, it is going to be followed by a name, which is “Shadrack McGill,” and […]

You probably heard that terrorists murdered a British soldier in London Wednesday, and of course it goes without saying that attacking people with machetes and meat cleavers to make a political statement is pretty much the definition of Very Wrong. Unless of course you’re the English Defence League, the gang of super-literate racist goons who […]

Since this is a politics blog, I, Kid Zoom, your Teen Korner for Teenz president (and sole member), have decided to write something about politics this week. We teenz tend to put pretty much everything else in our lives first. As a perfect example of this, I was planning on using this for my THIRD […]

Barry West, a county commissioner for Coffee County, Tennessee, would like to know why he’s being “singled out” for having posted this witty little image on his Facebook page last Saturday. After all, it’s not him in the picture, and he didn’t make up the image. All he did was share it, and then a […]