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Yes America is that dumb

There May Be Enough White Voters To Elect Donald Trump. But Are There Enough Complete Idiots?

It might just be statistically possible for Donald Trump to win the presidency, although such an outcome would obviously give a completely new meaning to the term 'margin of error.'

New Hampshire Really, REALLY Loves That Racist Jerkhole Donald Trump

Donald Trump finally redeemed himself after his humiliating weak-baby L-O-S-E-R loser defeat in corn mazes of Iowa last week, by winning the holy OMG hot dayum bejesus out of the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night. He whoop-assed the eleventeen other Republican...

Mitt Romney Acknowledges He Did Not ‘Speak Openly And Effectively To Minority Populations,’ Fails To Note Wetness Of Water

Average guy Mitt Romney and his wife Egg went on the CBS This Morning teevee Showcase of Disgrace to talk about why he lost so badly in the last “America’s Next Top Figurehead” contest. Oddly, he said a thing...

So… Which Pollsters Live, Which Will Be Killed?

After 2004, two groups were blamed for making John Kerry's loss extra sad for the liberals: those secret retards from off-the-grid caves that Karl Rove forced to vote at the last minute, and pollsters. All of the pollsters failed...

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