So here is some good news for a change: the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the firing of former eighth-grad science teacher John Freshwater, who has become just the latest victim of the Constitution’s dumb insistence that teachers can’t proselytize to their students, even if they call it “critical thinking about evolution.” Now, to be completely, […]

As a perfect finale to the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week, we have this story from New Ulm, Minnesota: a New Ulm Actors Community Theater production of the 1955 play Inherit the Wind had to be cancelled after fundamentalist Lutherans made life miserable for the play’s director and several actors. These are the fire-breathing […]

You might remember this little biology quiz that made the rounds of the interwebs earlier this year; we used it back in April with a Sundays With The Christianists post on a Christian biology textbook. As we mentioned at the time, the quiz is really real, and it originated from a private Christian school in […]

In a rational world, it wouldn’t really be news that the Kentucky Board of Education approved new science standards for the state’s public schools — it would be a small note somewhere, and a disgruntled teuthologist might write an angry letter about the new standards’ disappointing lack of emphasis on cephalopods, and that would be […]

It’s the penultimate day of July, which means it’s almost time for the kiddies to start rolling their eyes at all the Back To School sales. And of course, it’s time for wingnuts to stock up on fear, uncertainty, and doubt for the coming school year, too. (Haha, just kidding, that is a year-round activity!) […]

Remember how last week we all got a little teary-eyed at the courage of Malala Yousafzai, who survived being shot in the head last fall by extremists who don’t want Pakistani girls to go to school, and who addressed the United Nations last week and talked about the importance of education, and its power to […]

For this science-related item, yr Wonkette will start like all good scientists with a hypothesis: conservative wingnuts are a bunch of sniveling titty-babies whose sense of entitled butthurt is directly proportional to their tendency to say incredibly stupid things. In support of our theory we present crusty fuck-sock Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a bloviating sack of fail from […]

You know what’s compelling about creationists? They are awfully good at making incredulity seem like science: “Evolution is like believing that a tornado in a junkyard could build a 747″ and so on. Which means that we’re in for one last look at our tenth-grade science textbook, Biology for Christian Schools, by William S. “Stop […]

Greetings, heathen scum! Are you ready for more Bible Science? Get your rubber gloves on, because we’re continuing our dissection of a textbook from Bob Jones University Press, Biology For Christian Schools, by William S. Pinkston. Last week, we learned about the very scientific theory of the “canopy” of water that floated above the atmosphere, […]

So, you may remember Zach Kopplin, the awesome 19 year old dude from Louisiana who’s been trying to overturn his state’s idiotic “Louisiana Science Education Act,” that state’s brilliant 2008 law that allows teachers to bring in “supplemental” materials when discussing science they don’t like, such as climate change or evolution. Sorry to say it, […]

So, we don’t know just how worried to be about this thing: the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sent a questionnaire to 106 science teachers in Pennsylvania, and we’re not sure whether we should be a little freaked out that 19% of those responding said they believed in creationism and 13% believed in “intelligent design,” or if we […]

Greetings, Science buffs! Get some pants on already! And maybe some hip boots, because we’re going to continue wading through our tenth-grade textbook from Bob Jones University Press, Biology For Christian Schools by William “Pinkie Pie” Pinkston. Last time, we learned how evolutionary theory fits into Satan’s plot to make Man reject God’s Word. This […]

As we mentioned last time, our current textbook-shaped object, Biology For Christian Schools, by William Pinkston, takes a pretty novel approach to science, telling students that if scientists’ conclusions “contradict the Word of God, the conclusions are wrong no matter how many scientific facts may appear to back them.” And so, since the Book of […]

Our latest Christianist textbook, Biology For Christian Schools by William Pinkston (2nd Ed., Bob Jones University Press, 1994) is actually something of a classic, if by “classic” you mean “the focus of mockery and derision by professional biologists” and “so bad that students taught with it were deemed unprepared for college.” We were almost hesitant […]

Just in case anyone was worried that American schools were sinking into a morass of Creationism and Stupid (ah, but we repeat ourselves), the bad news is, well, they kind of are. But the good news is that there are some pretty awesome young people who refuse to sit back and let it happen, like […]