Just in case you were feeling hopeful about humanity or anything, we thought we’d nip that right in the bud. Yep, it looks like the Iconic Christmas Story for 2012 has arrived! In Grand Junction, Colorado, a single mother and her three children are going to be evicted from their apartment just in time for […]

When a person is forced to leave his home because, probably, he was unaware that he was being ripped off by Fannie Mae, the authorities sometimes have to take it upon themselves to eradicate said homeowner like so many elusive cockroaches. In the case of Bruce O’Rando from St. Ann, Missouri, police decided to tear […]

Here is video from inside Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning as the NYPD moved in to trash the encampment and arrest dozens of peacefully resisting protesters. THAT’S QUITE ENOUGH FREEDUMZ 4 U ALL according to nervous billionaire goon Michael Bloomberg, who ordered the “closed-to-the-press” midnight raid to placate twitchy corporate overlords to¬†protect the “safety” of […]