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Donut Company Sides With Cops. Surprise!

Can't say they don't know their customer base.


Disgraced former Alabama Supreme Court idiot Roy Moore has thoughts on the 'rule of law.' Stop giggling, you.

Donald Trump Could Give Two Shits About Mexican Earthquake, Hurricane, Like You’d Expect

Someone please send him to charm school.

New York Times Lady Simply Aghast VP-Elect Mike Pence Got Booed At ‘Hamilton’

Faint your pearls and clutch your couches, VP-elect Mike Pence got booed at Hamilton! And the civility police are ON THE CASE!

Ladies Simply *Must* Be Told When They Are Nasty, Says Genteel Southern Trump Idiot

Let's all give GOP Congressman Brian Babin an engraved, filigreed note of thanks.

Paul Ryan So Sad Hillary Clinton Was Mean To That Nice Trump Boy

Paul Ryan is quite dismayed at the tone this election has taken, with all the insults and and bullying and name-calling and meanness coming... from the Clinton campaign. And he thinks Donald Trump deserves an apology! Early on Thursday, in...

Trump Supporter Thrilled Trump Will Make America Great Again, For A-Holes

Remember the good old days when you could just insult whomever you wanted, and then they would kill you in a duel?

Shrill Feminists Force Nice Old Senator To Cancel Class On ‘Feminine’ Deportment

All dapper old New York Senator Marty Golden wanted to do was help dames get jobs by teaching them how to walk up and down stairs in an elegant manner, because apparently New York Senator Marty Golden is a...

Palin Locked In DEATH MATCH With Republican Fundraisers

Will Sarah Palin appear at a fancy fundraiser tonight for the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee? No way in hell, unless she changes her mind! First she was invited to headline at the event,...

FIST BUMPS CELEBRATE THE VULGARIZATION OF AMERICAN CULTURE: "How we greet each other says who we are. A firm handshake says, 'I am well nourished, energetic, vigorous, and in possession of most of my fingers.' A hug says, 'I...

Our Presidential Candidates Are Nasty To Everyone

John McCain and Barack Obama are two of the rudest men alive, and the proof is that one likes to bawl out his colleagues in the most unprintable terms imaginable while the other one refuses to write on childrens'...