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Tag: ethics

Elizabeth Warren And Pals Introduce Bill To F*ck Trump’s Rich Cabinet Right In The Ear

A clear message that Elizabeth Warren 'n' friends will be a HUGE pain in the ass for the Trump administration.
Get ready to be sick of winning

Donald Trump Saves Eight Congressional Ethics Jobs From Going To Mexico! (OR DOES HE?)


House Republicans Murder Congressional Ethics Office, Because They’re Already So Ethical

What, you don't trust Republicans to police themselves? PFFFFFFFT.

GOP Murders Ethics Office, Wonder Why! Wonkagenda For Tues., Jan. 3, 2016.

The GOP tries to cover its ass, Trump tries to cover the border, and Julian Assange cries to Sean Hannity. Your morning news brief!
Smiling Trump is the only thing scarier than shouty Trump

Trump Already Shaking Down Foreign Diplomats For Access, Via His Stupid Hotel. Winning!

Nothing to see here, just the president-elect shaking down foreign diplomats for access. FUN! :D
Are you blinded by its majesty?

Behold The Benedict Cumberbunny, Ye Mortals, And Weep! Your Saturday Nerdout

Yr Wonkette is busy working on an exciting new project, we said teasingly, so today's Saturday Nerdout must of necessity be brief. Oh, but do we ever have some beautiful strangeness for you people today! The Benedict Cumberbunny Has...

Idaho Lawmaker Will Make Sure Kids Learn Science Directly From King James Bible

You know how stupid liberal science textbooks are. They're all, "Once upon a time there was nothing, but then the universe banged itself real hard, and then a bunch of atoms shot out and landed on earth and turned into...

MSNBC: Let’s Invade San Bernardino Suspect’s Mom’s Privacy, For ‘Journalism’

Hey ALL THE MEDIA, you still having fun investigatin' the San Bernardino terrorist attack? (Yes, we can call it that now, because the FBI confirmed it. See how that works, Fox News?) Have you come up with any new...

Jesus Helps Duck Dynasty Guy Refrain From Cutting Off Your Penis

Are you a godless heathen hell-bound non-believer who refuses to accept The Truth that there is indeed an invisible daddy in the sky making a list and checking it twice to see who's been naughty and nice? Us too!...

The Weekend Stock Photo Report Resigned From Congress Before It Was Cool

In this installment of The Weekend Stock Photo Report with Weekend S. Photo, Aaron Schock will no longer be in Congress but is yes longer be in trouble with the Feds, Barack Obama thinks everyone should be required to...
He still looks nice on Facebook, though

Resigning Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber Gonna Go To So Much Jail Maybe (Because He’s A Democrat)

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber may be resigning effective Wednesday, unless he changes his mind again, but he and his fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, still have a big ol' pile of legal problems. Both the state and now a federal grand jury...

Grifty Tea Party Chick Will Put Ethics Complaint In Harry Reid’s Permanent File

For a bunch of gun-toting, Gadsden-flag-waving, Galt-going, war-loving, Arab-bombing, independent, self-made, self-reliant, pull-themselves-up-by-the-bootstraps tough mudders, the Tea Party sure comes off like a bunch of thin-skinned nancy boys much of the time. Case in point: the ethics complaint filed...

Did Elizabeth Warren Illegally Practice Law In Massachusetts, By Which We Mean New Jersey?

After War Whoop Tuesday, it has been literally hours since someone made an offensively stupid allegation about Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race. Never fear, though - there's an endless supply! Cornell law professor William Jacobson alleges that Warren practiced...

Catholic Church Patiently Explains ‘Religious Freedom’ To More Uppity Nuns

WOMEN! All the Church wants them to do is take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and in return they can ... live in poverty, chastity, and obedience! (Did you know that when a woman takes her nunly vows,...

Rick Scott Busy Sexing Floridians With Robocalls And Ethics Violations

Oh, don't we just love to pick on hairless dingus Rick Scott, because he is officially America's most disliked governor, his constituents are constantly suing him for passing laws no one likes, he's kind of "eh" about keeping track...

PULITZER WATCH: Daily Caller Hires Clarence Thomas’ Wife, For Journalism

Ginni Thomas, the Teabagging lobbyist wife of Clarence Thomas, has taken the next step in her natural progression of odd influence-peddling conservative jobs, accepting a "special correspondent" position at The Daily Caller. "We could not imagine a better person...