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Tag: essays

A Woman’s Prerogative: Transgender Lady Felon New Hampshire Rep Changes Mind (Again)

Stacie Marie Laughton, recently elected to the New Hampshire statehouse after years of grifting (not "allegedly") and campaigning for every office in the Live Free or Die state, got found out about her felonry and said she would resign...

INTERN RILEY GOES LEGIT: Look, he's writing for the esteemed Internet publication Matt Taibbi's Still So Mad At Goldman Sachs. His beat: college and whoring, two topics upon which he is a National Authority. Check it out!

Everyone Participate In Mitt Romney’s Baseball Essay Contest!

First: HOW HOT is Mittens in high definition? Mmm, 1080p of crisp, orange-pored lies. But what does he want? It's a contest! Mittens knows that there are radical terrorists literally everywhere trying to end America and specifically you. What...

Hey Rascals, Time Is Running Out On Your Chance To Win An ‘American Wife’

In a mere twelve-ish hours or so, Wonkette's one-time-only "name your favorite First Lady" contest will close. So check out the Official Rules here and send in your wonderful 25-word Idears (that is what famous First Lady Howard Dean...