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Tag: esquire

Trump’s Lying Campaign Manager Knows Who Was For Iraq War, And It Was Barack Obama

Is there NOTHING the Trump campaign won't lie about?
He's kind of a pussy.

Donald Trump Used To Think Iraq War Was Terrific, Just Terrific

Donald Trump has been all over the campaign trail lately, yelling about how he was against that stupid disastrous war in Iraq, that he had said this so many times all the time, and this proves that he will...
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Read These Unterrible Things About Paris If You Want To Feel Better (And Live)

Earlier today, we brought you some of the inevitable political awfulness that hit the interwebs after the Paris attacks. We're Yr Wonkette; political awfulness is our stock in trade. But we also wanted to call your attention to a...

Join The Navy, See New Places, Meet New People, And Return To Broken Dreams And Limited Health Insurance

Join the armed forces you guys! We cannot stop counting the perks! You'll maybe get to travel to foreign and exotic places, shoot Bin Laden in the face and kill him, and then come home a hero! Movies will...

WND Suing Esquire For Using Terrible Irony Weapon Against Birthers

Who are the most victimized people on the planet? If you answered "the birther lunatics," you would be correct. WorldNetDaily.com writer and birther book publisher Joseph Farah is suing Esquire for $120 million for publishing a parody post reporting that...

WND: Esquire Taking Orders From White House To Destroy WND Book

This morning, Esquire's politics blog put up a fake joke post about WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah finally coming around and realizing he was wrong about President Obama's birth certificate, and was pulling back the release of his hilarious fact-denying organization's...

The Wit & Wisdom of Chuck Hagel