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Ladies, did you know that Fox News has finally admitted that there is a War on Women, and that War on Women is you having a job? Have you studied your science lately, which shows that Men must Dominate you? Most importantly, have you done your part in “dissolving society” today, by raising your children […]

Yesterday, as even your grandmother’s Myface picture turned into that equal sign, you might have been under the false impression that the possible end to the embarrassing prohibition on equal marriage rights was a “good” thing. You might believe that the sputteringly awful arguments of the lawyer supporting Prop 8 indicate that even the bigots […]

Remember how last year’s CPAC was teh hotttnesss? You had boys getting drunk and hooking up and passing out. You had ladies showing cleavage. CLEAVAGE! Does all this seem a bit deja vu to you, longtime Wonkians? Probably because Jim Newell mercilessly bashed ErickErickEricksonnnn and Melissa “Imma put Dr. in front of my name because […]

We’ve all been there. Some baby is hopped up on goofballs and sucking Mountain Dew from a bottle. And he is running around the grocery store like a Hell’s Angel at Altamont while his pilled-out mom manages to whisper a couple times, “Jaaaden … um … honey? Where am I?” And we have wanted to […]

One of the easily digestible Nuggets O’ Conventional Wisdom to come out of the 2012 elections is that while Tea Party purists whose conservative purity glowed with white-hot rage often managed to win GOP primaries, that very ideological intensity was just as likely to turn off voters in the general election. Needless to say, since […]

Guys, you will not believed this, but Joel Pollak, the genius non-email-reading editor in chief at is very unhappy about the hypocrisy of the left! You see, Mr. Pollak has noticed that even though there were a number of jokes about Hurricane Isaac and the GOP Convention blowing into Tampa, Florida, at the same […]

Today’s right-wing Obama-is-a-foreigner thing is the startling revelation that, theoretically, Barack Obama could be accepting campaign donations from foreign nationals. Short version: Barack Obama does not own the domain name. Some (American) dude in China does. It autoforwards to a donation page on, which Barack Obama owns. Foreigners can access through nefarious […]

This is the greatest destruction of individual liberty since Dred Scott. This is the end of America as we know it. No exaggeration. — benshapiro (@benshapiro) June 28, 2012 It’s really kind of sad that Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro put up this tweet mere minutes after the ultra-conservative Supreme Court approved socialist healthcare in America […]

The House passed an amendment Wednesday night to get rid of the American Community Survey entirely, on Privacy Grounds. Oh, god, you can hear them through your windows probably, fapping about their privacy. The ACS is a mandatory survey with 48 questions that a few hundred thousand people are chosen to fill out each month. […]

It is a true fact that there were a full dozen or two ladies at CPAC this year wearing sparkly cocktail dresses approximately ten million inches above the knee from nine in the morning ’til eleven at night, each being pursued by 10,000 sex-starved young conservative males. Why else would they all go to CPAC? […]

Pepper spray is OVER, folks. Hope you enjoyed all the funny stuff the unemployed section of Internet users put together about the cop from Angry Birds spraying everything, ’cause in 2012, vicious crack downs on Occupy protesters are going to be all about tasering: hard, cold, fast, and indiscriminate. Which means….exciting new opportunities are opening […]

Now that the puddle of human goo that used to be Rick Perry has finally been covered over with cedar shavings and left to dry overnight, perhaps we should refocus on polishing the rest of the turds who for some reason are still interested in getting Iowans to hate them slightly less than the other […]

Right-wing hobo prince Erick Erickson started a cheeky conservative response to the popular “We are the 99 percent” tumblr with his very own “We are the 53 percent” site using the Republicans’ parrot-poop false “point” that only 53% of Americans pay taxes. The site is remarkable only for the fact that the user-submitted stories are just […]

Oh boohoo, Meghan McCain is furious because mean old troll Erick Erickson’s right-wing website posted some kind of half-wit parody of Meghan McCain’s vapid Daily Beast columns that her lawyers say too closely resembles her actual half-wit columns to count as satire. The original post has been taken down, but the full version of […]

The Napoleonic legal theory of “guilty until proven innocent, suckers” won a major victory for racism in the United States legal system last night with the execution of Troy Davis, a black man from Georgia convicted of the murder of a white police officer 22 years ago and sentenced to death under deeply dubious circumstances […]