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Turns out that Eric Holder is turning into the Obama administration’s very own Spiro Agnew. He hasn’t quite achieved Agnew’s level of verbal brutality — Hunter S. Thompson called Agnew “a flat-out, knee-crawling thug with the morals of a weasel on speed” — but for these degraded times, Holder ain’t bad. He took on Louie […]

Remember back in January how unstoppable tyrant Barack Obama and his evil minion Eric Holder threw filmmaker and pretend smart person Dinesh D’Souza in a gulag for the terrible crime of not loving Obama and for believing in free speech and being an all-around hero? And Dinesh was all like “trumped up charges blah blah […]

Well here is a “fun” video that MediaMatters has flagged for us! It begins with Terrible Michelle Obama and Terrible Eric Holder speaking about the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. We are sorry to report this, but Holder claims there is still racism in this country, as if! And Obama doubles down […]

Pour out a 40 for the latest rightwing witch hunt, which was burned at the stake by Federal Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle — she decided against a Judicial Watch lawsuit in a Freedom of Information Act case. All Judicial Watch wanted was information that could identify gays in the Department of Justice so it could […]

We have what appears to be an Important Update on the Bundy Ranch Seige that is no longer a Seige, although the good people of nearby Bunkerville, Nevada sure are tired of all these militia yahoos hanging around their town. And according to a piece at Daily Kos, even the militia folks are getting tired […]

Are you ready for some Nice Time that only needed to happen because there was some very Not Nice Time in the first place? SHUT UP YOU ARE TOO. Today, Bamz partially commuted a prison sentence for one Ceasar Cantu, who was convicted in 2006 of drug dealing, dropping his sentence from 15 years to […]

Just a day after Louie Gohmert’s passive-aggressive snottiness toward him in a House hearing, Attorney General Eric Holder subtweeted the Texas Republican in a speech Holder gave to the National Action Network. On Tuesday, Gohmert had suggested that Holder was not taking a 2012 House vote to hold him in contempt seriously enough, a comment […]

So this was kind of surreal: Rachel Maddow tossed together three mostly-unrelated clips with the excuse of illustrating “three stages of political conflict that fall short of an actual war.” As analysis, it’s a bit superficial, at best, but as a framing device for three disparate instances of weirdass political conflict, it gets the job […]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has advised the Department of Justice that Texas just can’t afford to comply with burdensome federal laws aimed at preventing prison rape, so the state just isn’t gonna, OK? Also, he’s going to tell other governors to ignore the law, too, because States’ Rights. He wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder […]

Thanks a lot, BARACK NOBAMA and his New Black Panther Attorney General No-Eric Holder! First you came for the Democrats, sure, but Michelle Malkin was right: that was just a smokescreen for when you would eventually try to arrest Pat Boone! Now, we hate to criticize our partner in crime and giving us money, Newsmax, […]

It turns out that Barry Hussein Bamz-Soetoro-Alinsky isn’t the only schemer in the administration who plays 11-dimensional hopscotch, planning several steps ahead of reality to work miracles of political gamesmanship that only become obvious after the trap has sprung. Screeching rage-fueled harpy Michelle Malkin has sussed out the true intentions behind the Justice Department’s corruption […]

  It seems like only yesterday that we could hardly believe some of the awful things people were doing to Muslims in the United States 2,000+ years after JC met his bio dad. But lately the big news has been “Gays win” and “Pot smokers win” and “Blacks still get murdered a lot” and “Mass […]

Let’s say you’re a lawyer in Colorado and you come home after a long hard day of lawyerin’ and all you want to do is get your weed on. It’s Colorado! You can! It’s your god-given right thanks to living in a state that does not have Weed Prohibition! Oh, except for that part where […]

Are you guys ready to have your world rocked by Dinesh D’Souza’s America, a film that just got highlighted at CPAC and is causing a mass epidemic of fapping over at WND? Yes you are, because this trailer is a BEAST. It is the kingpin of trailers, the ultimate in trailers, the lord high god […]

Hola wonquistadors, and welcome to our new and possibly semi-regular feature we call That’s Our Katie! wherein we take a look at the lies that syphilitic skunk dick Katie Pavlich allows to drip from her face hole onto the pages of Previously we have covered Katie lying about protestors in Texas bringing bricks into […]