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Fun Things We Learned About The Comey Firing: A Wonkette Listicle!

Comeypocalypse Now! Comeygeddon! Comey Comey Comey Comey Comey Chameleon! Also, your OPEN THREAD

Sarah Palin Pretty Sure Donald Trump Not In The Tank For Lamestream Mexican Rapists

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter is in the 'denial' stage of her intense grief.
This isn't about democracy, this is about politics. Which Democracy doesn't need.

Andrea Tantaros’s Lawsuit Against Fox News Is OMG WTF INSANE!

Bill O'Reilly's in there too. AND former Sen. Scott Brown. AND Dean Cain. AND AND AND AND AND!

Fox News So Mad At Obama And Hillary For Constantly Forcing Donald Trump To Be Dumbass

Where does Hillary get off running for president, and where the hell does Obama get off supporting her? UNFAIR!
Really? That's something people do? That's not what I hear.

Donald Trump Wonders Why He’d Want To ‘Get Out The Vote.’ Is That Even A Thing?

Shouldn't the vote just love Donald Trump tremendously and bigly, and come directly to him?

Bill O’Reilly Sad We ‘Smear Merchants’ Tried To Assassinate Him For His Weird Slavery Comments

Smear Merchants is our new Wonkette house band name, we are calling it now.
Another five and a half months, Alan!

John McCain Explains To Donald Trump In Very Small Words: Torture Is Bad

Yeah, but Trump likes guy who weren't tortured.
You have GOT to be freaking kidding me.

Fox News Pretty Sure Hillary Should Fry For Obama’s SCOTUS Pick

You know that Cards Against Humanity card that says "Pooping back and forth forever?" It's from a movie, but it might as well be about Fox News and other assorted wingnut pundits. We saw it this week on Fox when...
Who ya got?

Fox News Dumbass Wishes Y’all Would Stop Victim-Shaming Poor Donald Trump

Rarely is the question asked, "Why is Trump supporters such violent pig-thugs?" JUST KIDDING EVERYBODY IS ASKING THAT RIGHT NOW. As Trump has explained, it is not fair to blame HIM for any of the violence, because he's just...

Fox News Wondering If Maybe Hillary Knocked Chelsea Up For Political Reasons

Fox News's Eric Bolling squatted in his thinking spot, started making that familiar face somewhere between pleasure and agony, and pinched a Hot Take into his underpants about Hillary Clinton. Do you think maybe that shrill harpy Benghazi lady...

How Many Fox News Anchors Does It Take To Give Donald Trump A Rimjob?

The answer is A LOT. Which makes sense, because Donald Trump's butthole isn't weak like the other candidates' buttholes, and it's definitely not a captured POW loser like John McCain's butthole. Trump had a big weekend, and he probably put...
All terrorists are leftwing. That's just a given!

Fox News Can’t Remember Any Rightwing Terror Attacks. We’re Here To Help

Fox News's The Five had a little memory problem Monday, accusing the Department of Homeland Security of completely imagining that rightwing extremists pose any threat to U.S. Americans, because as we all know, the only real terrorists are the...
And Billo was one of the more restrained ones

How Are Wingnuts Reacting To Paris Massacre? You’d Be Surprised! (No You Wouldn’t)

While Parisians took to the streets with their "Je Suis Charlie" signs yesterday to quietly express solidarity with the murdered satirists and bystanders at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the American Wingnut-Industrial Complex was in Full Panic Mode, explaining...
On the sand, at least. Sand is ground, right?

Veterans Tell Nutsack Eric Bolling What He Can Do With ‘Boobs On The Ground’ Joke

Remember way back at the beginning of the Brand New War, last week, when Greg Gutfield and Eric Bolling had a great big larff over the fact that a lady flew a fighter jet for the United Arab Emirates?...
It's right there in Federalist #51

Jon Stewart On Latte Salute Poutrage: ‘F-ck You And All Your False Patriotism’ (Video)

It is a time of war, and the executive and legislative branches aren't playing well together. Congress itself is divided -- can the president act militarily without specific congressional authorization, or must he be hamstrung by partisan squabbles? Jon...
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Ladies Flying Planes And Other Tales Of Terror

Yesterday on Fox’s The Five, Kimberly Guilfoyle gave a shout-out to Major Mariam Al Mansouri, the first female fighter pilot in the United Arab Emirates. Mansouri led her country’s contingent of military pilots that participated in bombing ISIS in...