eric bolling

It was a sad day across the Fox News Channel yesterday as the re-emergence of Monica Lewinsky and her coming essay about her long-ago affair with Bill Clinton knocked the BENGHAAAZI!!!11!! “scandal” out of the headlines, forcing the leprous sacks of skin that anchor Fox’s shows to talk about something else for five minutes. And […]

Don’t make Jon Stewart angry. Fox News accused him of mocking the network for “exposing fraud” in food stamps, so Stewart bites back with this look at how Fox presents poor people as cheats and freeloaders, caricaturing SNAP users based on a few ridiculous examples, like the surfer dude featured on six different Fox shows. […]

We weren’t planning to do anything on Ariel Castro’s suicide, because really, “horrible person kills self” is just not brimming with comedic possibilities. And then along comes Eric Bolling on Fox’s The Five with this brilliant observation: hey, by committing suicide, Castro saved the Ohio prison system a whole bunch of money, so let’s look […]

Senator Rand Paul is finished with all this nice-time nonsense and is back to his usual workaday douchiness, going on Fox News to Randsplain the virtues of the filibuster to insufferable teevee pillock Eric Bolling. As far as it goes, Paul’s explanation of why the filibuster is loved by whatever party is in the minority […]

Well, here’s a perfectly legitimate rhetorical question from Fox’s irritable bowel, Eric Bolling. Just suppose that instead of being full of career diplomats and CIA agents, the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi had been defended by Sasha and Malia Obama, or maybe Chelsea Clinton, or perhaps an assortment of baby harp seals and adorable kittens? […]

We don’t know how Eric Bolling, of Fox braintrust “The Five,” managed to talk about liberal indoctrination with math without even bothering to note that algebra was invented by A-RABS and is a Mooslem plot. But at least he is on the case of the Marxists at Scholastic teaching the distributive property with a worksheet […]

Say, did you notice that Joe Biden was just a little interrupty in the VP Debate? We are given to understand that Old Handsome Joe’s performance made a bit of a stir among some of the more sensitive souls on the right side of the political spectrum. (You see, when a Republican puts on an […]

Oh, oh ho ho ho, oh man, do we feel like idiots! Why was Sarah Palin giving all of those weird semi- or quarter-endorsements to Newt Gingrich a few weeks ago and then trash talking Romney on Fox News Sunday this past weekend? Why is she so intent on seeing the primary process dragged out […]

Oh look, a new children’s film starring Muppets with the controversial theme “greed is bad” is the scandal-du-jour over at used dildo recycling plant Fox News? Sure. Last Friday the Fox News business channel presumably had some airtime to fill to avoid any lengthy discussion of the Labor Department’s positive jobs report, so actual tumor […]

The eight-year period of 2000-2008 was the best, wasn’t it? First everyone freaked out about Y2K which ended up not really being very exciting, then the movie Chicken Run came out, but then wasn’t there something kind of bad that happened in 2001? Like maybe some bad El Niño weather or the end of a […]