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These are Yang worship words! You will not say them!

How Hospitals Are Boning You, FOR FREEDOM

You want single payer? You need to figure out how to bring costs down.

Indiana Making Its Poors Healthier, Just By Adding Shame And Bureaucracy!

Get ready, America! Indiana's crappy, mean-spirited 'reform' of Medicaid may be going national!

This New Doctor App Is Gonna Disrupt Your Medical Care So Hard

Now, we're not defending the current American healthcare system, because nightmare, but we're not sure that it will be solved by Grand Rounds, an app that you wave around at the ER doctors, demanding that they listen to the...

Georgia Governor Has Genius Plan To Save Money: Don’t Let Poors Go To The Emergency Room

We've been wondering when we would hit the point where conservatives just stone cold come out and say that the poors should die in the streets on account of how they are poor and today we inched a wee...

Socialized ER Care Is Such A Sweet Deal, Unless You Have Ball Cancer

Isn’t it wonderful to live in the land of socialized health care, where You People can all go to the ER of our local hospitals and receive medical services that everyone else pays for? As Mitt pointed out, “If...