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  We Have Always Been At War With Erotic Terror

Rick Santorum Hates Americans For Our Erotic Freedoms

All the probable Republican presidential candidates have been visiting the Steve Deace radio wingnut program lately, in order to explain to Real Americans that people’s fundamentalist religious beliefs will ALWAYS stomp on everybody else’s rights, no matter what, because that is how America works. Deace specifically wants to know if these fine fellers — Santorum, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, all of them — believe that “the sexual revolution trumps the American Revolution,” or if “someone’s erotic liberty trumps your religious liberty.” EROTIC LIBERTY, everyone, GET SOME. Read more on Rick Santorum Hates Americans For Our Erotic Freedoms…

Thanks For Making Us Equal, Men. XOXO, The Ladies

Thank god that's all behind us now!
Hey, ladies, how are you celebrating Women’s Equality Day? Shopping? Painting your nails with “I’ve Been Roofied Red“? Wondering what the heck is Women’s Equality Day? Here, let’s have President Obama mansplain it for us: Read more on Thanks For Making Us Equal, Men. XOXO, The Ladies…
  And Yet Furries Still Fight For Recognition

WND Publisher Joseph Farah Just Wants Equal Rights For His People, The Hate-Gay-Marriageists

Admit it: You only read 'Nostromo' because it was the name of the ship In 'Alien'
WorldNetDaily publisher Joseph Farah is taking a break from his critical work on behalf of birthers and believers in various conspiracies to explain that laws preventing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation are actually Very Discriminatory Indeed — not against a religion (fundamentalist Christianity), but against one of the very sexual orientations that such silly laws purport to protect! Because now, being against marriage equality is its very own sexual orientation. Read more on WND Publisher Joseph Farah Just Wants Equal Rights For His People, The Hate-Gay-Marriageists…
  go down rand paul way down in egypt-land

Rand Paul Is Also A Minority And Will Lead His Libertarian People Out of Bondage

you get an f! and you get an f! you all get f's!
Poor Rand Paul. It’s hard out there for a libertarian, what with The Man always trying to keep him down, pointing out the ridiculousness of his ideology and how it never holds up in real-life scenarios. But what can a man like Rand Paul do except keep fighting the good fight, keep on keeping on to the water’s edge, because Rand Paul has been to the mountaintop, Rand Paul has seen the Promised Land, and he yearns for the day when all little boys and girls, black or white, yellow or red, liberal or conservative or libertarian or communist, will be judged not by the color of their skin or the content of their political ideology, but by whatever’s left. Character? Sure, let’s go with character. So that’s Rand Paul up there, speaking to the Urban League today as part of his continuing efforts at minority outreach. And it’s too bad he said something so inarticulate, because he made some otherwise good points. Enforcing the Voting Rights Act? Remarkably this is a controversial position for a Republican in 2014, so good for you, Rand Paul. Reforming our ridiculous sentencing laws for drug convictions? Okay! Trying to empathize with minorities by calling yourself one because of your ideology? Um… As a public service for Rand Paul, we’ve put together a handful of scenarios to help him understand the problem with his little dumbass statement. Read more on Rand Paul Is Also A Minority And Will Lead His Libertarian People Out of Bondage…
  has gila bend frozen over?

With No Reelection Worries, Jan Brewer May Be Going Full Goldwater

Folks, we have been pretty impressed with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who has been acting uncharacteristically sanelike lately. Maybe she was actually sane all along, and then she drank some Tea Party Wacky Juice? In any case, she keeps doing reasonable stuff, like vetoing that horrible Please Discriminate Against Gays bill back in February, and recognizing that it would be a real stretch of the state constitution to try to seek another term. And now, she’s actually sounding a bit like late-career Barry Goldwater, who famously said he didn’t care whether people were gay, and told the Moral Majority it could go get stuffed, and all sorts of fun stuff, because goddammit, there’s getting reelected and there’s being right. And so, in an interview with the Arizona Capitol Times Tuesday, Brewer said that it might darn well be time to think about extending Arizona’s civil rights protections to everybody, even, yes, gay people. Read more on With No Reelection Worries, Jan Brewer May Be Going Full Goldwater… Read more on With No Reelection Worries, Jan Brewer May Be Going Full Goldwater…
  a fine and private idaho

Idaho Bravely Fights Postmortem Gayness In Military Cemetery

Just how totally opposed to gay marriage is the Great State of Idaho? How about this: It’s so clear on the sanctity of marriage that it won’t permit a U.S. Navy Veteran to be interred with her wife in the state-run military cemetery in Boise. Wouldn’t want to send the wrong message about what constitutes a family, even in death. Now that a federal court has thrown out the state’s constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage, it’s possible that Madelynn Lee Taylor, 74, will actually get to have her ashes interred next to those of her wife, Jean Mixner, who died in 2012. Maybe. Or maybe the traditional family will be irreparably damaged by two urns of ashes sitting next to each other — after all, marriage is for making babies, and cremated gay people can’t do that. Read more on Idaho Bravely Fights Postmortem Gayness In Military Cemetery…
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Terrible Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin To Gay Soldiers: Fine. Now Nobody Gets Spousal Benefits. Happy Now, Hmmm?

So you already knew about the kerfuffle over the Defense Department’s fascist oppressive decree that, Yes, the National Guard actually is part of the military, so married partners of gay service members actually do get to sign up for spousal benefits. And you knew that Texas is saying “Chain of command? What chain of command? We ain’t signing up no homeaux for no benefits.” Well, rather than defying the DoD directive by continuing to refuse spousal benefits for gay sojers, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has found a really clever way to treat every military family equally: She’s eliminated ALL spousal benefits for married couples in the Oklahoma National Guard, gay and normal-type. How do you like THAT, eh, sweetie? Hmm? You people want equality? Well, you’re equal NOW, aren’t you? Apparently she got the idea from this awesome Vonnegut short story she heard about. Read more on Terrible Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin To Gay Soldiers: Fine. Now Nobody Gets Spousal Benefits. Happy Now, Hmmm?…
  bring back george w bushido

Leon Panetta Ruining American Samurai Honor Code

Shit, guys, I’m pretty sure our secretary of defense hates women. Leon Panetta has lifted the ban on women serving in military combat roles. He hates them so much he wants them to be equal! This is a travesty. We have abandoned all of our values — at the very least the ones where women are to be patronizingly excluded from demeaning or dangerous jobs, because they are flowers who should be treated with respect, except in beer commercials. Read more on Leon Panetta Ruining American Samurai Honor Code…
  dreams from my baseball father

George Will: As We See From Baseball, Black Dudes Have It Made

George Will, the Washington Post’s moderately somnolent Guy Who Watches Baseball And Reads Thesauruses, has decided that the story of Frank Robinson is the perfect one to explain the presidential election. Obama’s administration is in shambles, yet he is prospering politically. This may not, however, entirely be evidence of the irrationality of the electorate. Something more benign may be at work. A significant date in the nation’s civil rights progress involved an African American baseball player named Robinson, but not Jackie. The date was Oct. 3, 1974, when Frank Robinson, one the greatest players in history, was hired by the Cleveland Indians as the major leagues’ first black manager. But an even more important milestone of progress occurred June 19, 1977, when the Indians fired him. That was colorblind equality. Read more on George Will: As We See From Baseball, Black Dudes Have It Made…
  now we know what those dogs were thinking

Tennessee Legislature Making It Illegal To Mention To Kids Gay People Exist

On Monday, Tennessee’s state House passed a bill to ban local laws that protect gay citizens from discrimination after the cesspool that is Nashville decided it would start considering gay people human beings of all things. (GAYS ARE A TYPE OF PLANT LIFE, NASHVILLE.) This is a fairly proactive approach to quelling equality before it becomes an epidemic in the South, but the Tennessee state Senate may have done one better: It passed a law that would make it illegal for teachers below the high school level to acknowledge that anybody in the world is anything but 100% hetero. Did you hear that, gay Tennessee children? The government of your state says you don’t exist and wants to make sure that if you think you are gay, you also think you are the only gay person in the world! That should be good for your emotional health. Read more on Tennessee Legislature Making It Illegal To Mention To Kids Gay People Exist…

Charles Krauthammer Declares a Race War

RACE WAR EVERYBODY! RACE WAR! STEP AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTERS, GO OUTSIDE, AND SORT YOURSELF OUT BY RACE, because Charles Krauthammer says that’s what’s going on. Krauthammer has been in his cave monitoring the transmissions of the brown people very closely, and that’s how he heard “a radio interview that aired Monday on Univision” in which Barack Obama sent a secret message to the Mexicans: “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.” Krauthammer, who spends day and night trying to uncover new human beings who are his enemies, does not like it when a president calls people “enemies.” And that’s why, in the interests of liberty, we must finally repeal this whole “equality” thing. Read more on Charles Krauthammer Declares a Race War…