Our comments queue has been especially full of pure uncut dumb lately, and so it’s time to share some of the best of the worst with you, O ye Wonkers. First off, our weekend story about the reported failure of the Great Big Protect Our Border Militia Jamboree and Clambake being “organized” in Texas is […]

We told you a while back about the phenomenon of “rollin’ coal,” whereby Manly Men modify the fuel systems of their big diesel trucks to deliberately dump excess fuel into their engines, creating thick black smoke and proclaiming their freedom from clean air and other despicable liberal plots. It’s especially hilarious when they blow smoke […]

Let no one say that Kentucky’s lawmakers will not engage in the most heroic levels of dumb when it comes to climate change denialism. If there were an Olympics in derp, the Kentucky Lege would win gold in every possible event. They would be the Michael Phelps of dumb. Witness the recent meeting of their […]

Are you ready for some déjà vu? The Obama Administration is looking to implement a policy that will lead to healthier Americans. And once again, the GOP is frothing and foaming and throwing a temper-tantrum because they fucking HATE healthy (post-embryotic) Americans! And the kicker: they might just shut down the government, take their toys, […]

Google has really angered the Wingnuttospere this week. First off, on Monday, the search engine failed to put up a special doodle for Memorial Day, because Google Hates America — actually, the page did mark the day with an American flag and yellow ribbon icon, but they were too small and didn’t go up at […]

Does your job blow? Do you ever fantasize about just kicking back and watching porn all day, but wish you could still pull down a nice six-figure salary? Yeah, us too, so click on those goddam ads swirling around, ok? (Note: do not actually click on those ads unless they are things in which you […]

Hey there Supreme Court, whatcha doing today? Not sucking? Sure, because the sun rose in the east this…wait, what? We’re so used to the Roberts Courts inventing new ways to prove that a bare majority of them are such fucking assholes they would sell out their own mothers for an invite to a Federalist Society […]

In further evidence that The Obama Administration is full of elitists and Marie Antoinettes of the very worst sort, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy brutally hurt the tender feelings of all Alaskans recently by saying in a Wall Street Journal article that a “little girl’s” (who wasn’t a little girl) heartfelt gift of a jar of […]

People of Idaho (looking at you, Dok Zoom), we’re going to need to ask you to come collect your state legislators because they seem to have lost all sense of how laws actually work, and that’s going to pose a problem for everyone really soon. Lawsplain at us about the problem, Think Progress lawyer guy. […]

Whatever happened with that Freedom Industries water-poisoning incident? All fixed? No? That’s depressing and predictable. What else ya got for us, West Virginia? … Oh come on! “Patriot Coal” this time? Apparently Patriot Coal this time: About 108,000 gallons of slurry waste from washing coal spilled into Fields Creek from the Kanawha Eagle Prep Plant […]

Two weeks after dumping enough toxic crap into the Elk River to make water unusable in much of West Virginia, Freedom Industries told state environmental officials that in addition to the original toxic crap — “Crude MCHM”* — that everyone knew about, there was a second chemical in the leaky tank as well. Oh, also, […]

Hold on to your hats, gentlemen, and clutch your pearls, ladies, because House and Senate negotiators have come up with a … wait for it… COMPROMISE! After you pick you jaws up from the floor, we shall dig through all the nooks and crannies of this funding agreement, forged deep in the depths of Mt. […]

Like most years when there’s a Democrat in the White House, 2013 was a year of things getting rammed, crammed, jammed, shoved, and/or forced down our (America’s) throats. How big were the things? So big. Were they hard to swallow? Oh yes. But somehow, freedom will endure, we guess. Here is a list of 13 […]

So if you’re really determined to slack off at your job, here’s a lesson from the EPA’s highest-paid employee: No sense just spending the occasional afternoon reading Wonkette or farting around upgrading your virtual rutabaga farm on RutabagaFarmAdventureVille. That’s chump-level slacking. No, if you’re going to defraud your employer, you want to go the route […]

There’s just no end of wingnutty goodness in Allen West’s weekend column claiming that the Obama administration is out to Kill Freedom (again) by “forcing” the closure of the only lead smelting plant in the U.S. in 2010. There’s the beautiful opening: I am one who steers very clear of tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. I […]